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He’s trying to tell you how it is and you get all butt hurt
Better grow some thicker skin or you’ll be back pouring drinks
Damn, that was a sick burn dude. Good one!
Keyboard warrior skills: MAX LEVEL.
Feeling totally OWNED right now, really showed me!! But seriously, piss off :censored2:.


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Hey man, don’t mind these retired old heads.

They didn’t plan post UPS well and have nothing better than to hang out on an Internet forum all day and talk about :censored2: they dont know anything about lol.

You do you.


Yes, I know I'm working late.
hey brothers & sisters,
I somehow managed to get hired on full time RPCD and Am trying to navigate 2021 peak season. Im trying to stay grateful for the opportunity, but feel a bit isolated, at my center/hub. I come from a bartending background, so I was really used being surrounded by customers/coworkers all shift. I’ve tried taking the initiative and converse with fellow drivers, pre-shift. But, it’s almost as if I’m invisible or not up-to-par, enough, to interact with. I don’t know if I should keep to myself, up at ups or keep trying to make other drivers like or acknowledge me. Any advice?
Do your job right and by the book and you will gain respect from the older drivers. Don't just sheet everything nsn or ni1. Most of us old hands do things right, no matter how long it takes. Don't get caught up in the new number chasing games that most of the rookies fall for. 9 out of 10 rookies don't listen, but that's the only way you will survive this place. Remember what I'm telling you because I'm sure you will try it your way first.