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    The center Im in went for about 20yrs with the drivers being able to flop and switch routes anytime there was a better route to run than the route they had bid on. Before I was hired on there was a griev filed by someone without much seniority that the drivers should not be able to flop routes, this makes it so the bottom drivers are not always driving the tuffest routes b/c the seinor drivers have the best rts and most vacations. So guy that filed has went on to feeders but where Im sitting is not 2 bad. The seinor drivers have went to the union to get it switched back with no luck but now there is talk of being able to vacate a route and I am wondering if there are other centers that drivers vacate routes.

    Also the manager we had had a policy of when a route came up for bid there were only allowed to be three different bids and after the third bid he said he was allowed to assign the 4th route to put a end to the bidding. I have not seen anything in the contract that says this is ok. Is he right?
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    "..after the third bid he said he was allowed to assign the 4th route"

    That is how it goes here, too.
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    first off i would like to know what a better route is? i have never seen one of those.
    we have bids ever two years here so drivers can bid on a "better run"
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    Retired, you mean every 2 years all package routes go up for bid? Dude, there would be a lot of angry drivers where I work if that was how it worked here!
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    I agree. I would be chapped if I was bumped off my route. I think that would kill morale even more. I take pride in meeting my customers needs. When I am on vacation, I always hear about the cover driver, but the customer knows the stresses with being coverage, so they try to be patient with them.
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    Rookie im not sure if I understand your question but you are able to leave the route that you are assigned to and go back to utility.

    Also there should be a weekly bid sheet for all routes that will not be driven by the assigned driver. You should be selecting these routes by seniority order. These should be the routes that are open for the whole week.

    i hope this helps
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    GoSlow when u say leave a "route that your assigned" is that a route youve bid or thats been assigned by management?

    we dont have the bid sheet for the vacations, they are ran in order of seniority. weve just gotten a new manager and he suggested the bid sheet idea too. we only have 15 rts in our center so its pretty easy to look at the vacation schedule and see which rt youll be running fairly accurately for the whole year

    i was courious about the 4th rt being assigned b/c a feeder driver had told me there was nothing in the contract about it and i Have never seen this in the contract myself am i just missing it?
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    I can't begin to imagine the chaos that would create if every delivery route in a building held potential to have a new driver come May every other year.

    You must be talking feeder runs?
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    We always go down the seniority list and bid Package routes every two years. If a better route comes up, you bid on it and roll somebody off. I got rolled off a "Gravy" route once. I was lucky to get and keep my current one the last ten years, although the gravy is getting a little thinner each year. I have never understood why certain senior drivers would stay on the same heavy commercial routes for 15- 20 years. They usually will have to go out on disability of some type or go into Feeder to keep working. Bid on something better, it only takes a few weeks to learn a new route!:thumbup1:
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    yes, every two years all the feeder & all package car runs plus 32 full-time inside jobs go up for bids. it is done by senority so alot of the jobs never change. but, every once in awhile there is a mess made if one senior person decides to change his or her job. we use to do it very year.
  11. The three moves then a place is in the contract, think it's in the feeders sections though. Here when a pkg. or any-other non-feeder full-time job is bid first two moves go to full-time then the third to part-time, with the exception of the 7 to 1 language. Lets just say when a pkg. driver with a good route retires then a couple others upgrades from their already good routes a part-timer can end up with a gravy route for their career. Explains how we have several pkg. car drivers with 35 plus years, all pkg. car years too.
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    Good question.... I have been in our center 7 years and we have never had a route assigned to a driver on a permanent basis. Some utility driver will always take it. If you have your own route you can ask to go back to the utility list and then bid for routes on a weekly or daily basis as they are available. The advantage to this if you are #1 or 2 on the utility list there usually a better route to do then having your own route that sucks. The disadvantage is not knowing what you are going to do for the week.

    As far as any route being assigned mgmt should ask in seniority order who would like to do the route and if everyone says no then the force in reverse seniority order.

    In the contract it does state that mgmt must follow seniority in the day to day operations. Im not sure of the article off the top of my head maybe 19 in the master.

    If that feeder drivers route is being ran by a driver that has less seniority then you just let your mgr know that you would like to start running it next week. If he says no you might have to file a grievance. If he says yes and your center starts using a bid sheet make sure you sign up for that route every week. Just because you did it one week that does not guarantee you it until that feeder driver comes back. Its a weekly bid.

    now of course that is the way it is in So. Cal. seems like every district has its own way of doing things.

    I hope this helps. good luck
  13. We have a bid every 12 months here. Guys do not swap routes from day to day. Everybody does their bid route and if they dont, all hell breaks loose. Cover drivers bump other cover drivers to get the nice routes for the day.
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    Once we bid that is our route until we retire,we are allowed to bid to a new route 3 times a year successfully,no every 2 bidding that would suck big time, read your contract under bidding