rookies not the same as before

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  1. filiperuvian

    filiperuvian 20 yrs till retirment yay

    Is it just my hub, or are the newer rookies (past 2 years or so) "softer"? i mean, i've been driving for only 4 years, but it seems the guys that came after me learn maybe 2 or so routes and stick to that, or they just do trash all the time! remember 5 days 5 routes? or just walking in and finding out you're doing a route you've never done before? i'm sure it has to alot with my management team giving in to them whining, and being afraid to have a driver die on a route and have to dispatch help...but hell i thought that's how a driver dying out there! remember hearing "you're on this guy's route, here's the p/u log...grab your thomas guide and don't miss any pick ups." ok there's my rant :)
  2. rod

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    At my center a Rookie is any driver with less than 5 years under his (her) belt. The rookie that is closest to having 5 years in is the "Head King Chief Rookie" . The Head King Chief Rookie is the God of Rookiedom and gets to rule over all the rest of the Rookies. :happy2:
  3. filiperuvian

    filiperuvian 20 yrs till retirment yay

    yeah 5 years sounds about right, i'm still learning things about this on another post re-attempting a stop later in the day doesn't count as a 2nd stop...oh well :)
  4. Jack4343

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    Yep...similar things are happening in our center. Lots of the new cover drivers (part-timers) are being trained on one route and that's all they are doing. There are a few of us (I've been a cover for over 4 years) that started out the other way. I learned over 30 routes in my first year of driving. I guess that's why I work as a driver every day and alot of the new guys run garbage or go home. They just don't have that "killer" instinct. I needed money to support my family so I would do any route they offered me. Grabbed my map book (yes I bought my own) and took off. No EDD to show me where to go or where to start. It definately made me a better driver learning all those routes.
  5. JustTired

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    In my younger days....most of the routes I learned I went out "blind" on. I still think it's the best way to learn an area. It made for a rough day or two, but you never forgot what you learned.

    There were a couple of areas that I went out on with a sup with me. In those cases it was the "blind" leading the "blind". Now, if the only alternative is to send someone out blind, they more than likely will bust out the area.

    Yeah...these new rookies don't have a clue anymore. We might not have liked it at the time, but it molded us old guys into the drivers we became. Not likely to see the dedication and efficiency us old guys have (had) in the future.

    Right Rod ...??
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The work ethic in our rookies is simply not what it was when I first started.; however, I am willing to bet that the veterans felt the same way when I was hired and those that came before them felt that way and so on...

    Today's youth have a sense of entitlement that we never had growing up and this had found its way in to the work force, to include UPS. The 2 cover drivers who cover my area cringe whenever I take a day off or go on vacation as they know that they will have to actually work. That's just the way that I was raised and I have brought that work ethic with me and will not apologize for that. I am paid very well for what I do and, as such, give 110% on a daily basis.
  7. local804

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    I agree filip 100% The days of here are the keys and map that some of us had to deal with are out the window.
  8. disneyworld

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    20 years ago-I wish I had a buck for everytime a sup said he was coming with me to do such and such route or tell me he would meet me out there at the first stop, only to have him not show up. I'd have about 30 bucks.
  9. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Personally, I welcome the change. Just because we all had to suffer should we want the company to keep doing this? What would be nice is having the company enforce following methods with these new drivers. Unfortunately, paid under is the only thing they are concerned with. If a junior guy blows off a few stops to get home and play video games, it is okay since he is an hour under.

    Maybe if they did not overwhelm new drivers with a jammed up load and sent them out with a partial load and actually TRAINED them on methods and policies, things could change. The company may end up running more smoothly and the hourly attitude might change a little. None of this will ever happen, but just thought I would share my goofy thoughts.
  10. cino321

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    They still treat them pretty rough in my center. The guys that get it the worst are the ones who make it seem like they actually care and want the job. You show them that weakness you're done.
  11. helenofcalifornia

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    I would blame the "softness" of the rookie driver on management. We have drivers who know only 2 nor 3 routes and our on-car supervisors will not train them on any other routes. It's like they don't want to get out of the office and see daylight. We did have one supervisor who would use any excuse to get out of the office and the politics and train, but he is long gone. Don't blame the rookies, it's the leadership that is lacking. They only know what they are taught. (Though I will admit that they don't seem quite as tough as the old timers. Imagine demanding that they get time off for lunch instead of working through it!!!!)
  12. trplnkl

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    In our center, I know more routes than all of our full time sups put together know. Training rookies is not likely.
  13. JustTired

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    You are right. And some of those have made it into the upper levels of management in many companies. That's why we have CEOs who's mantra is "I want mine...and I want it now!" with the follow-up of " I don't care what it will mean in the long run.":greedy:
  14. New Englander

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    Our problem is not the new drivers. It's the absolute disdain of going on road that our supervisors have.

    It seems they only train drivers when it is absolutely positively detrimental to the center.

    I don't know.....UPS touts proactive management just not when it comes to dispatch and route coverage.

    Heck....The United Way campaign is starting up June and July this year, yuck!
  15. trouble maker

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    filip, If you re-attempt a stop that you were at earlier in the day, that counts as another stop. Whoever told you that it wasn't, was wrong.
  16. Upslady20

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    In most centers that would not be allowed to be counted as a stop.. you have to put it in as a duplicate stop. In our center you would be on the list to sign off that it will not happen again. There is no valid reason in our center for a stop to count twice even if you are instructed to go back still a duplicate stop.
  17. looper804

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    There's another whole post regarding this issue.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sorry, TM, but you are wrong. If you reattempt a delivery stop on your own than that is a duplicate stop. If you are directed to reattempt a delivery stop by your mgt team than that is another stop. Your method is what we used to call "padding stops" and may warrant you a chat with your center manager.

    You may ask why the discrepancy between the above scenarios? You will usually be asked to reattempt a delivery stop as a result of a consignee call to the 1-800# so there will be documentation as to why you reattempted the stop so that is indeed a second stop. However, if you happen to be running early and have time to reattempt the stop on your own then you will need to dup the stop or you are taking credit that you are not entitled to.
  19. New Englander

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    As far as duplicate stops? I only do it if I can not get an answer at a door, leave a tag. Yet as I'm back in my truck the customer comes running. That I duplicate.

    If I have time at the end of the day to retry a resi or com delivery that I couldn't make earlier - I treat it as a new stop. If I'm ever spoken to about it I will just cease doing it all together.

    If I'm there doing the right thing and trying to get a send again delivered I should not take a hit on my "numbers" for it.
  20. trouble maker

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    you are correct new englander