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    Went out to the 401k site and couldn't believe it. A Roth 401k is an option starting July 30th. It will also count towards your match. If you change/add to your election, remember you have to choose the funds separately from your regular 401k. I suppose you could choose the same funds, but it is clearly set up that you have to choose for both the regular 401k and the Roth 401k. Way to go UPS!
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    where did you see that?
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  3. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    What do you mean by match?? I have never known UPS to match your 401K. Maybe I am missing something, but they don't match up this way.
  4. raceanoncr

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    You sure you ain't talkin bout UPSFreight? Cuz I know they offer a match. Package does not, at least not yet, unless I missed something too.
  5. scratch

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    Management gets a match, hourly employees don't in Package.
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    If I put $20 per paycheck into my 401k as an hourly I am getting $40 back right? If not how much?
  7. MR_Vengeance

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    you put in $20 and that's $20, the company doesn't offer anything.
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    You put $20 in 401k as an hourly and you get whatever interest or growth your particular fund of choice returns. You don't get no match from UPS.
  9. Fnix

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    I thought I was matched dollar for dollar. I have deducted $620 into my 401k. I was hoping it was $1200. I guess I should just cancel it then?
  10. Raw

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    Really now......!! :lol:
  11. paco

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    My understanding was that they matched 100% upto 3% of your contribution.
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    Not in the Atlantic Area...
  13. that is for management employees only. The teamster 401k offers no match. I believe UPS freight gets a match for their 401k but I don't know the specifics.
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    so out of curiosity using a conservative path $20 per paycheck how much am I getting back on that if any? Using S&P 500

    I know its hard to tell but is it in the dollars or cents range?
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    The long term average on the S&P (20 years) is about 11% per annum. Some years 4%, some years 20%.
    401k money is for long term investing not short term gains.
    $20.00 a week at an average annual return of 11% in 20 years would equal $75,000.
    So, the actual money you put in would be $21,000. The gain from compounding interest would be $54,000.
    Do it for 30 years and you would have $243,000.00.
    A quarter of a million dollars ain't bad, when it only costs you $20.00 a week.
  16. upsis

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    non-union hourly get the first 3 % matched with ups stock each quarter..
  17. Fnix

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    non union hourly? :confused:1

    & thanks satellitedriver
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    a/t (administrative/technical) in rrdd 2029 = non/union hourly