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    buckel up boys it is going to be a rough year.UPs is starting to make papper trails on all of its drivers on accidents physical and automotive.the injury paper work is so they can claim that you have a prexsisting injury and pull workmans comp.the automotive is so they don't have to rep. you in court.We have already been told that people out of other centers will be video tapping us working this summer.
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    Guess it's too cold to video tape now...
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    "will be video tapping us working this summer."

    Anyone see K-19? Dont do it....
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    we just had 2 guys get written warnings for getting stuck in the snow/ice. We got a new center mgr. 2 weeks ago so I guess he had to make an impression. Not impressed
  5. budman09

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    that is it!it is to cold,the new center manager told me that last week when it warmed up this week he was out at least twice ,and driver sups.followed us every day.
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    Paranoia is so unappealing...
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    Let them video tape...bfd..If you cant do your job when you know they are looking then your stuck.
    One of my customers said when his business was in Florida that his driver was constantly being followed. The sups would even ask customers what the driver said when he delivered.You know what the results were???
    The driver won a 6 figure settlement for being harrassed in the work place.
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    CYA..The best advice my dad ever gave me. So what if I get harrassed about my numbers. As long as I know I'm doing my job using the methods, there won't be a case against me. If there is, I wasn't hired to make numbers.
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    It just seams so stuppid to piss your employees off every day then send them out to deal with your customers and try to get new buisness for your company.That is why fedex ground is taking alot of our buisness away.they don't try to piss every one off to make them selves feel like the boss.
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    yeah.. i don't see the problem here... if you're doing the job the way it's suppose to be done then you shouldn't have one complaint, right?

    looks like its a case of the bad drivers making it harder or more stressfull on the good drivers
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    UPS has always kept paper trails on all accidents and injuries. What company doesn't? There is nothing unfair about that. As far as injuries go, if you were not injured while at work then you deserve no compensation from work.
    The system has been abused by so many that they have no choice but to keep track of it. Getting a warning letter for getting stuck in the snow though, Priceless. That is way over the top. So is being followed around if there is no reason for it. Best advice is to act as if you are being followed and then perhaps if it ever happens you will have no problem. If it is just a true case of harrasment though, then fight like hell. Good Luck
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    It is not that it is that big of a deal to follow drivers or keep papper trails.But when you are calling drivers into the office every day just to try to intimidate people that is aproblem ,and that is one of the reasons our company is losing buis. to fedex.People just won't do that littel extra that puts us ahead of them.Those truck drivers with ties dont understand that.
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    In my travels each day I come into contact with several Fed Ex drivers. Some have a good attitude, some don't. They can bitch up a storm just like some of us do. As far as volume loss, I was told Fed Ex insisted the large shippers sign a 6 month contract when we had our contract coming up. We can't blame the customer for that. We stranded them last time. Our volume is pretty much normal for this time of year though. I'm Thankful for that.
    I am quite frankly sick of hearing people on this board whining about Fed Ex getting our volume and being pushed around by big ole bad UPS. I think we are a much more efficient company than they are. If we have a weakness it is the folks that can't understand that to get paid this well we should be willing to work for it. Do your best...
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    I have to disagree with you on who is more efficient,fedexground does not have the overhead that ups is just some of the things fedex does not have to pay for.trucks,healthcare,dot.physicals,workmans comp.,disability,and they are getting alot better with time in transit.UPS has got to get a better grip on how to deal with the compitition.they want to blame the hourly employee for losing ground to fedex.But every comp. that HAs problems you never have to look any farther than the management.
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    [​IMG]Said well, Dammor. THere has been a lot of talk about the injury and accidents being placed onto a computer for instant recall by management. I see this as a positive move.

    THey allready have the information, now it is much easier to keep up with. If you want a copy of it, go ask them to print it out for you. And under our contract, you are allowed to view your file. Its about time that one of the most computerized delivery company gets its employee records on the hard drive instead of the file cabinet.


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    Sounds to me a bit arse-backward. What should go into computers are best practices, training tips, and safety alerts that prevent accidents and injuries. Its nice to a a record of accidents, but focus has to be up front.

    Go UPS
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    If they are so worried about saftey then they should make you do the safe work methods during a time study(like walking around the back of a truck for a del.on the other side of the street).Instead they wait till your on vacation or a rout is up for bid then they put a new driver on it that is in such a hurry to get to that next party that he burns it up not using the methods.Anyone that is a driver can see that.If the normal driver is on the rout he has a fair time study.
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    That informations is also stored that program. Its called DUCK. It is set up to notify management of those drivers whose licence, DOT physical, and any training that is mandated, is about to expire, along with any injury, accident, and training info.

    Budman, you stated that "so they can claim thatyou have a pre-existing injury and pull workmans comp. the automotive is so they dont have to rep. you in court"

    First off, if you do have a pre-existing injury that was on the job and you injure it again, they can not deny you workers comp. And if you injure it a third time, you could very well have grounds for a partial disability claim.

    2ndly, to not rep you in court? Why would they do something that stupid. If you are involved in an accident, and get taken to court, it is ALLWAYS in their best intrest to defend you, even if you are guilty as hell. They only time they are not going to defend you is if you are arrested for violating safety laws. And if that is the case, why should they rep you?

    So buckle up, drive safe, and do the job they pay you so well to do.


    PS Safety tip for the day: In most states it is against the law to back out of a driveway onto a public road. If you must back, back first!
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    time studies are based on doing the job by the methods, including safe work methods. the time allowances are set by a number of things, some of them being the walk distance, 2 or 4 wheeler being used and the exit door used from the pkg car (front or rear). they are not based on if the driver runs or walks.
    as far as record keeping on injuries and accidents, we have always kept records on these items, we have to inorder to comply with OSHA. you seem to want to complain alot, if it justified, fine, but you should get the facts first.
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    If they are so worried about saftey then they should make you do the safe work methods during a time study
    Where are these time studies going on? They don't do time studies anymore, at least in my area.