Route bid.


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Yup. When I was in package a grizzly old timer retired. The center manager actually said in his little talk in front of everyone the day he retired “now I can add 40 stops to the route”

This is what these young kids don’t understand. There’s only one thing hero’s at UPS get. More work. Only applies in package. You run around in package, you’re an idiot. They’re going to expect that your entire career. Work safe, slow, and follow the methods. You get done early, guess what Jack. You’re not going home, you’re going to take 30 from someone who does the job the right way.
Add all the stops you want suit monkeys. Doesn't mean it will get done.


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Here if you don’t change classifications, then you are stuck. If a package car driver signed a bid they are already qualified for a package car job, there is no turning it down or trying it out. If you sit 22.3 or feeder you have the duration of your ”qualifying” period to go back.

@rod, I didn’t know you were a pusillanimous til just now, whhhaaaaaa I don’t like my new route I wanna go back. I am shocked!
Damn, some of these old timers are worse than the snot nosed [email protected] it ain't so