Route bids


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There’s a Debate going on between some of my coworkers.
If you’ve lost your drivers license for a year can you still bid Come bid time?

Baba gounj

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Technically, one can sign a bid sheet, if they are qualified.
I have done it in the past.
I had no intention of taking the job, I just wanted my name to be on the top of the list.


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I know some areas let drivers bid if they are on disability, or workers comp.... but loss of license ?

At least in my area of the Central, you have to be available when the bid comes down.
I'd have to double check but because we bid a route only when someone comes off it. Everyone that is a RPCD can bid the route even if they can't take it over for a while.

JL 0513

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We've had fired guys who still got to bid because they might get their job back. I thought that was stupid but it happened. So it's not totally out of the question.