Rust Dust on the Belt.

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  1. Noticed a significant amount of orange colored powder eminate from the bottom belt whilst handling irregs at work.

    Supervisor stated the above substance was "rust" and that it is harmful to breath.

    It appears a significant amount of rust powder has settled on a moving belt.

    Curious if anyone has any information regarding "rust dust" on moving belts?

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    Man Up ! Rub some on your hands and start moving those irregs.

    Potential Hazards
    • Rust particulates can be irritating to the eyes, like any dust. Ferric oxide can also cause an upset stomach, but only if you ingest it in large quantities. The main hazard of ferric oxide is inhaling it as a fine dust or fumes. Inhalation causes lung irritation and coughing. Long-term inhalation causes a condition known as siderosis where iron is deposited in the lungs, although this condition is normally considered benign and does not necessarily lead to physical problems.

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  3. silenze

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    Oh yeah. Pull the belt up and let it smack back down. Clouds of red smoke. Oh to be young and live dangerous
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    Put the fan on.
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    I wonder what's worse to breathe in, though we all likely have to deal with them daily: the rust dust, the diesel fumes or the black dust/dirt combo.

    When it gets bad, I just peel off a layer and make a mask out of an undershirt. Haven't had to do that since last peak, though, when a mechanic decided to leave a truck running in his work area with every door in the building closed. That was a pretty :censored2:ed up day, tbh.
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    If you have black boogers at the end of your shift you know you are breathing in some gross stuff. Between the cold and the "dust" in the air my nose is constantly running. Hopefully all that mucus is catching something.
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    That black powder from aluminum was probably the worst. Filthy and wouldn't wash out of clothes. You would need most of a vacation week to clear that black crap out of your sinuses, then clog them up again your first day back at work.