Safety people are out of control

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    A fellow driver just had a work related injury bilateral hernia surgery and is recovering from it. His doctor wrote a note that he should be out of work for the period of 6 weeks a recovery period that the company doctor said he should be out. Just after 2 weeks he received a call from a case nurse that he should report to work for LDW just sit in the office !!. Can they do that? to go over the instructions of the doctor and force him to come in prematurely? I must fill in that the driver mentioned had one too many injuries with lost time, 7 in the last 14 years so he not their favorite driver but still...can they do that?
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    Yes I do think they are within their rights to have you (friend)come in for light duty.No big deal but remember you can get your 8 hour guarantee. I do whenever I do light duty. I feel like if they are making me come in ill get my eight ! BC
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    They're actually suppose to offer you you're average hours. If you average 10 hour days then they have to offer you 10 hour days. At least that's how it works for JC 28.
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    Light duty here is limited to 8 hours. Why would they give you overtime when you are unable to work?
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    I'm only reporting my experience. They also have us shuttle packages. We just drive the truck out to them and they pick out their own crap. Plenty of that going around since PAL/EDD is soooooo error free. And they're suppose to offer you your hours. You can choose to code 5 if you like.
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    They would give overtime if their contract calls for it.
    How is it any different than the first 8 hrs?
    Your not able to work during those hours either.
    The company utilizes TAW to minimize lost time and subsequently minimize workers comp premiums.
    Don't kid yourself, it's not because they feel sorry for you and want to give you a paycheck.
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    a good supervisor can find suitable work for anyone
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    Which means that you have no idea how to find suitable work for anyone?
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    there are by far to few ... good sups!
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    i'd just give him my job, since according to everyone here, anyone can do it!
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    nobody wants it!..Atleast i get paid to be crapped on!! ! lol
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    It depends on your state's worker's comp laws. In my state, I can ask for my average hours. They go back to the past full quarter to figure out your average. When I was on comp, I signed a paper that said I agreed to 8 hrs/day for TAW.

    The best way for the OP to get an accurate answer would be to google his/her state's WC laws and read them.

    From a psychological point of view, there is evidence that shows that workers that come back and work TAW come back to unrestricted work faster than those that do not.
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    funny you mention, that when i was off years ago on comp, they brought me in the office.I learned five different systems on the computer the oms loved me in there. They were amazed when they would get irate customers calling in I would handle it. of course that all stopped when dm came in and wanted to know what the h--- was going on.
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    I did TAW until my Dr said I was going to have surgery. Every region is limited to the amount of TAW that can be done at one time. Once surgery was scheduled and it was obvious that I would be on comp longer than allowed to work TAW, I was cut loose from TAW.
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    There is no such thing as a good supervisor! They only think you are a burden to this company.
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    The OP said hernia surgery, not a lobotomy.
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    Saftey people are out of control

    Ok i think this is being steered in wrong direction. He doesn't mind being on taw in the office, but he feels that should take the necessary time recommended by both
    sides doctor to fully recover. pay is not the issue but full recovery especially if it involves heavy lifting. Thanks
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    Simple. He's a driver? Contact his doctor and explain that he doesn't feel safe driving on the pain meds from his surgery. Not safe to drive to work for TAW. Kick back on couch.
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    Is it bed rest or limited walking. If not he has to go in but don't give in and let management make him pickup any over the weight limit specified by his doctor. The good news he will get better pay then comp or disability pay.