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  1. So, I pick up a couple of trailers at a fairly big hub. One of the many problems there, is loaders, sups and all re-entering trailers after they have been cleared to couple or even pull! I had a part-timer loader, pt sup and full time lie and conspire to not tell the truth(I really didn't expect them to tell what really happened)(especially the part-timer since he threatened me)(for several minutes)(and no, I don't expect his homies to give him up)(and yes, the sups don't like me much as I hold them to pull-times and safety)(I can give more detail, but it's pretty boring)............So, I gathered the two pt sups, ft sup and loader(in the trailer, after cleared to pull)(not the same one that threatened me) and we had a meeting. I pulled out my I phone and showed everyone I was going to record the meeting. It was amazing how cordial and TRUTHFUL and helpful everyone was.......although the ft was only worrying about how much time was being taken by the meeting(I told him we ARE going to discuss a safety concern).

    As I was about to couple, I heard noise in the rear trailer( I knew they had gone back in)(I could have pulled that trailer)(with the loader in it)(I was cleared to pull it down the road).......but that's not me. This is how people get hurt and killed. The pt sups said it was a mis-communication.......I told them we can't have those type mistakes.

    I will record every conversation with these folks from here on out. I have been burned by folks lying to cover their ass at UPS. No more.
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    What is safety?? Can someone explain it to me????
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    Why on earth would someone clear you to pull a feeder and then that same person jump back in the feeder? Do they have a death wish?

    How would you have been able to pull a feeder off a wall and pull it straight down the road with someone in side? Don't you have a proceedure to check and make sure the door is closed?

    No offense but a lot of this makes no sense.
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    Not completely sure but I think it has something to do with a whole bunch of oddly placed parenthasis. ()(()(()().
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    Nothing comes off the wall without a seal on it here. If you're given the clear to pull ( I'm assuming by a dispatch sup?) then call them on the phone and that box doesn't roll until it's closed.
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    Can't close barn doors till you pull it. Hell, sometimes you can't close overheads cuz they get stuck in the dock curtains.

  8. Not sup all the time. Procedure is to seal the trailers at departure.

  9. Right you are.