Salt Lake City hub?

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    Is anyone here from the Salt Lake City hub? I want to get in touch with them because I have a couple questions. Can anyone give me the center number or the Hr number?
  2. They are moving the hub.
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    Hold on, somebody will help you shortly
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    U.S.A!!!!! U.S.A!!!!!
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    I was thinking about that when I read the proposed new language. If work is moved to another building the protected status shall follow the work. Not the employee?
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    And what about these temporary facilities they throw up at peak?
  8. This contract sucks.
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    I think our union hired that public defender from My Cousin Vinnie ro make this deal?

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  10. Probably a relative of @Big Arrow Down...D
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    or 2 yoots depending on your perspective
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    Got Stewart on the horn now. Hold on a second OP!
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    The Camel Clutch
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    How can they get anyone to work there? Aren't they all anti-drinking Mormons? You HAVE to drink to work at UPS.
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    801-867-5309 Jennifer from the Houston call center moved there.
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