Salvage Freight / Over Goods

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    Hi guys.

    I hate to make new posts, but I've searched both on this site and Google and came up empty

    A good friend of mine told me his uncle had recently purchased a few pallets of what he described as "salvage freight from UPS".He is a little bit of a jerk, and wouldn't give me any information.

    I asked my local driver and he told me I should contact the Overgoods facilitiy and they would have the info. Called UPS 1-800, and they have no information

    Over Goods

    From what I understand there are several regional "Over Goods" hubs, and the information is entered into a database. After a set amount of time the pallets are auctioned off.

    Salvage Freight

    There is a retail storefront, that sales what they say is "salvage freight from FedEx". Good deals every now and then. FedEx 1-800 also has no information or has never even heard of the local store that sells their salvage freight.

    Any information on how to purchase Salvage Freight or Over goods from any carrier would be very much appreciated!
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    I'm sure they exist, but I'm not sure how you would get in touch with them. I also know that you don't get to see what you are bidding on, and in some cases it may be an entire trailer that you buy sight unseen. Compare it to "Storage Wars" on cable TV- it's a crapshoot.