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  1. rich2bad

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    how many of you guys drive on Saturday air and did you have any late air and what did the management do.
  2. MR_Vengeance

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    they'll chain you to the flag pole and beat you with the late air, until you tell them the truth about why it was late.
  3. 1BrownClown

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    Have been driving Sat Air for about 6 months and only had 1 late air, on my second week no less (First by my self). Management was very cool with it. I just owned up to it when asked and have not had a problem since. I hate to admit it but some times my disciplinarian in Jr. High School was right "Honesty is the best policy"
  4. scratch

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    Isn't it great how well that simple concept works?:thumbup1:
  5. dillweed

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    At my center they only get crabby if we know we're going to be late and don't call or message in. Usually another driver can meet us and take a couple off so we make commit time.

    I've had better luck since having the superviosr help me figure out how to create a route. I'm new to the city streets on my area and he's pretty good at knowing the quickest way from here to there. Until I learn it myself it seems a good idea. As long as I do it his way I should be able to get them all off. :lol:
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The trick to Saturday driving is to just relax and set up your route BEFORE you leave the building. It's common practice for management to rush everyone out of the building during the week. They want you to clock, pretrip, and head out as quickly as possible. There is no need for that on saturdays. The best thing to do (for newer drivers especially) is to just sort out what you know first then look up the rest on your map. Have the packages loaded stop for stop before you leave the building. I even sort mine on the belt first then load them. It's easy because we typically end up with an average of 17 stops per person. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Saturdays usually spread a driver out over town so it's best to take the time you need to sort the stops so that you will run them the fastest way possible. It really helps on those rare Saturdays when you have allot of stops. So, it's just better to relax and take your time getting prepared. Enjoy that luxury because you'll miss it when you start driving during the week.
  7. govols019

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    Driving on Saturday is the easiest money you will ever make at UPS.

    It also helps you when you become a cover driver.
  8. outamyway

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    Any part timer who wants to go driving some day should start out on saturdays. Great diad practice and area knowledge never hurts:thumbup1:
  9. browniehound

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    Can anyone who is "in the know" please chime in and post if we make any money or not on Saturday air (and the EAM service for that matter also?). I'm just curious. It seems like its a service we provide just to keep up with Fed-Ex.

    It seems Fed-Ex might make money because they pay their drivers a certain wage. UPS, however might be losing money because they have to follow a contract, and if we can't find enough "air drivers", management must start callling from a list of full-timers who wil be paid 40+ bucks an hour to do the job Fed-Ex can manage at straight time?

    Its not us drivers fault you can't hire enough part-timers.
  10. Dirty Savage

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    At my centre, we get about 4 or 5 saturday air stops for the entire CITY, and a part-time driver does that shift.

    I personally used to love that shift as it was literally the easiest money you could make at UPS. Drive around smoking and drinking coffee. Good times!
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure which is easier....Saturdays or running EAMs and regular NDAs in the mornings Monday-Friday. I think I like running Air during the week better because I can just come and load the EAMs and NDAs into an empty 500, sort them, and take off. On Saturdays we have to unload the air trailer and sort packages out to each driver before we can even begin figuring out where we are going. Granted...both have their days where there doesn't seem to be enough time to deliver everything but the average day is so easy. There is lot's of "windshield time." What really sucks about Saturdays is that we are only allowed to use diesel trucks now. It's a hassle for us because we are one of those small centers where some trucks are parked behind the framwork of the building. Sometimes the only diesels available are the ones parked there. We end up having to unpark two trucks just to be able to get the one we need out. Then we have to repark them all when we return. It's easy...but still a hassle.
  12. nupesix

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    :cool:The Honesty is the best Policy goes right along with a " bright light in a dark room is still a bright light" even if they wouldn'thave been OK with it ; you did what wqas right and it was the right thing. " you heard ?"