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    hey i have a few questions about sat air driving ? I am a cover driver at my center, still part time
    I drive a few times a week and go back the the local sort if I am not driving that day. Well when Thursday finally rolls around they put my name on the sat air driver list to drive sat air packages. They use about 4 people and always have someone on call. they always seem to use me and put my name on the list for sat air driving.. I am not interested in driving Saturday air at all.. I understand they can us cover drivers to drive (if we want to drive).. but are they allowed to make us ? (cover drivers) drive on sat if we do not want to ?? ?

    my questions really is

    can they make us drive Saturday air ?
    arent they suppose to have AIR DRIVERS to do this not cover drivers ?
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    Have you asked "them" to take your name off of the air driver's list? Have you told "them" of your concern about not wanting to drive Saturday? Go talk to your supe and let "them" know how you're feeling. I'm sure there are a lot of people on that list that would jump at a chance to drive Saturday air.
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    Talk to your steward. But as I see it if they need extra people to drive Sat Air they should have to put a list up and senority rules should apply.
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    They should have a Saturday voluntary sign up sheet starting two weeks prior to the date they're requesting you to work (if I remember correctly, but please don't quote me, it may be one week), if not enough people sign up for the date in question, they have to start "forcing in" people to work in reverse seniority. Say for example, if they need 25 drivers and only 19 have signed up, then the bottom six in seniority are it. If you're in that bottom six, you're required to work. Check your contract or with your shop steward.