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    Anyone know the people policy on making a full time Mon-Fri employee being required to work on saturday if they want their weekly minimum?
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    Not sure that could happen since we are talking about time and a half.....I know that in our station no one wants to work on saturday.
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    There are always several employee's in on time and a half, they will just "trade" you out, fedex will be either paying the same overtime, or, more often then not, getting people to sign off on the minimum...
    Thats the problem....
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    "Vantexan" related a situation much like this sometime ago.

    Since minimum pay requires an employee to work all hours scheduled and OFFERED, if you are below 35 hours in your normal 5 day work week - and are offered work on your scheduled day off, and you refuse, I believe it constitutes an automatic waiver of minimums.

    Take a look in PEOPLE, section that deals with pay, then requirements for minimum pay. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that the key phrase "offered" is still in there.

    PEOPLE is also changed according to the whim of Express without them notifying the employees of a change, so just because something is policy at one time, doesn't mean it is written in stone.
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    Thanks R1a, thats what I figured.

    I know some courriers have been told this, they are just paranoid about asking/ signing up on this forum, hence I ask alot of questions for those scared of Fred and Co....


    This is correct, if it is offered and you say no, then you don't get your minimum. I have been getting minimum pay for almost 7 months now and haven't been asked to do a Saturday yet...have been "voluntold" to run a pick up route and go help on an extended route after a breakdown, but that is about it.
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    This happened to me when I was swingin' until an old timer told me if you're m-f they have to offer you hours m-f. I confronted my manager- a pretty cool guy- about it and he sheepishly asked me how often did they ask me? I worked but wasn't asked much anymore and I got the impression they can't make you work Saturday for your minimum. Dislaimer- this was about 5 years ago.

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    The way i see it if you are off saturday you are off if im coming in on a scheduled day off im checking that worked on day off box on my time card/powerpad..
  9. 59 Dano

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    All OT hours are to be paid at the OT rate. For example, you've worked 29 hours from Monday to Friday. Saturday you go in and work 4 hours. You're to be paid your 35 hour guarantee PLUS the 4 hours of OT. Payroll will probably miss it when your time card is submitted, so you'll probably have to have your manager get it squared away, and he or she may have to run it through more than once.
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    They can't COMPEL you to come in to work on a scheduled day off - unless they implement the draft procedures.

    However, if you have worked less than minimums in a given week AND are offered additional hours to work on your scheduled day off (automatic OT), AND you turn down the additional shift - you automatically forfeit minimum pay for the week.

    You manager will keep track of your hours, and on your last scheduled day of the week, if it looks like you will work less than minimums for the week - they will "ask" you to come in on Saturday (run overflow, help on the sort , twiddle your thumbs....).

    You have the ability to turn down this offer, but if you do, you've also turned down you ability to collect minimum pay.

    I'm trying to get precise verification on this, but at this stage, I'm all but certain this capability exists.
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    It seems like this is not hapening everywhere cause we all dont know the rules/laws.
  12. Ricochet1a

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    Management DOESN'T want you to know what is policy and what isn't - your "ignorance" empowers them to do whatever they think they can get away with.

    You need to take the time (you'll most likely have to do this on your time - but with all the split shifts coming, you'll have it), to get a copy of PEOPLE and READ it, front to back. Once you've read it, read it AGAIN.

    By doing this, you will know specifically what Express can do to you, and what little protection you do have from local management trying to play games.

    As it stands, there isn't a hell of a lot left that protects the employee from management - those sections of PEOPLE have been gradually eliminated over the years. Managers have broad discretion now to do pretty much as they please, if they can put it under "operational need". There are a few protections left (vacation bidding being one), but most of the policies which protected the employee from being "jerked around" are no longer in PEOPLE.

    With the current attempts to eliminate overtime, I'm still trying to get information as to whether the policy on handing out additional shifts is going to be changed (seniority assignment WITHOUT regard to others total hours worked).

    Most managers haven't read PEOPLE front to back - they are "familiar" with the contents, but in most cases, they end up calling HR to get a definitive ruling on something.

    Don't expect that by reading PEOPLE you'll be able to act as a "HR lawyer" and get things to work your way. On occasion (in the past) employees could and did get management to back down on local policies which were in direct conflict with PEOPLE. This has all changed, since PEOPLE has been heavily modified in the past 5-10 years, to eliminate those pesky protections that wage employees had. Still, it is better to know what the actual corporate policy is, rather than "trusting" your manager.
  13. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    It's in the People Manual, section 4-20, Table 1, page 238. Your manager probably doesn't realize what's going on because payroll seems to be the culprit.

    In the situations that I have firsthand knowledge of, the courier went into Saturday with 30 hours and worked 4 more. He was paid for 34 hours, plus the 1 hour entry on his check stub that covered the guarantee. He should have been paid 30 regular hours, 4 hours of OT, and 1 hour to cover the guarantee. It was submitted by his manager to get fixed, and payroll didn't fix it. It was submitted again, this time with a copy of the applicable citation from the People Manual, and payroll fixed it.

    I was thinking about something else when I posted the thing to which you replied; this is what I meant. You're to be paid OT for that 6th day, no exceptions.
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    We no longer have "people" in appropriate area they have told us you have to go in the intranet to access it..Good luck if you can find a PC to access this info....
  15. Ricochet1a

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    Most stations and ramps have a computer which they set aside for "training" purposes. This computer is usually left unlocked, or if it is locked, you can log in by selecting the training option. This will give you access to the Express intranet, and therefore PEOPLE online.

    The elimination of the hard copy of PEOPLE from the employee break rooms isn't coincidental - it is by design.
  16. Sorry to dig up a slightly older topic, but does all this apply to swing drivers ? Manager here is sidestepping paying OT by scheduling swings off on a weekday and in on Saturday. Does the people manual cover this at all ?
  17. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Swing drivers are not to work on SDR unless they are running a route that normally works on SDR or they volunteer for SDR work.
  18. Please clarify further, the routes scheduled are to cover a SDR courier day off. So as such, does that mean it's on the up and up? Previous manager never did this, having taken volunteers only for SDR courier days off.
  19. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    If the route that the swing is covering for the week includes a SDR and a day off during the week, it's legit.
  20. Ok. Thank you for your time.