Saturday Sunday deliveries

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  1. Maybe for a rookie like you....
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    And ya'll are worried about Weekend Delivery, how about Same Day? I got behind this the other morning.GvNY%%qMRS+JS3CW+GyTHw.jpg
  3. That would be a good retirement job for you.:speechless:
  4. Over70irregs

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    Would it be better to go feeders?
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    Guys like @Future and @542thruNthru will get approved, then take the day off when they call them in the morning
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  9. Siveriano

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    When I was Tue-Sat we asked for something like this, our STEWARD pointed a driver to be kinda a mini-STEWARD for Saturday, once me and the mini-steward left most of the Saturday guys became "friends" with management so this was dismissed.
  10. Company men....
  11. BigUnionGuy

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    Don't see that happening.

    Feel free to attend your Local's next membership meeting, and propose that.

    Let me know.... how that works out.


    That's what Union (job) Stewards are for.

    Say's who ?

    Please tell me, UPS people don't need someone to be there.... to "hold their hand" ?

    Have you ever been to a Union Freight barn ?

    They run 24/7.

    You should feel embarrassed.... for even suggesting that.

    It makes UPS people look like pusillanimous's.

    They followed the IBT Constitution.

    Remember.... it was TDU, that was instrumental in changing that provision.

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  12. Let me ask you a question.
    Do you really feel that this was the best contract we could get?
  13. Future

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  14. Future

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  15. iowa boy

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    This must be why I see my union BA every 6 to 8 months...

    On a side note, I finally got a new contract book last week, only took 8 months to get that.
  16. Package Stick

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  17. Over70irregs

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    Beware of management cozy drivers
  18. Wally

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    They are there so the driver doesn't get a target on his/her back.

    If they are not there, things will keep going the company way.
  19. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Lol- you don't already know his response? He is pretending to be something he isn't and will continue to defend his heroes. Remember- it's not their fault. And they hate UPSers.
  20. Horrible language in this contract m
    Like I said in the 2013 contract. This is the best we will ever have.