Sayings and phrases from your local hub

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    Like the title says. Some of these might not be pc, so if your gonna be offended stay out (TOS).

    "It's all part of the plan." (after getting f'ed by something management decided to do)

    "Fresh Meat" (tours coming through the building)

    "Did they at least give you a bottle of wax before they bent you over, or was it dry?"

    "Kid" or "Your kid" (refers to the 18 to 23 yr olds sups while you are talking to another pt employee). As in "You better take your kid in hand."
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Fresh meat we call new hires...although when HR walks the tours down my is amusing to see the clueless "I wanna work here" parade.

    730 Ass Rape....the late trailers that up the flow to breakneck speed.

    Oh look we're never leaving,...when you're almost done stacking out at 915 and your center manager hands you 6 pages of add/cuts for trucks that are already bulked out.

    And of course...could you kindly take the :censored2: outta your mouth and call out the bulk numbers??? I dont know what number comes after (unintelligible yell).
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    CACH sucks
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    .......... just another day
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    When sup would get mad at someone on a belt we would all yell cox is out and no one would pull any boxes off the belt. What mess at the end of said belt
  6. I'm instructing you to suck my dick! (Said whenever a supervisor is dumb enough to use the word "instruct")

    File early, file often.