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    First of all I'm a first time poster.I applied for the package handler position and I'm now scheduled to tour the warehouse in about a month and interview sometime after that. I'm very excited about the opportunity to join the UPS family and have a couple of questions...

    1.What kinds of questions can I expect at the interview?

    2.I would love to one day become a route driver,actually love in a understatement...this has always practically a dream of mine lol...anyways this is the main reason why I applied for this position hoping I can work my way to this goal,is this the best route to go to become one or can I be hired in as one?

    I'm only 21 so I'm still pretty young...I'm not expecting to become a driver for quite some time after years of hard proficient work in the warehouse,but any advice to make the jump from warehouse to driver as fast and smooth as possible would be greatly appreciated....
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    howdy and welcome to the board

    1. I cannot honestly really answer this one cuz the only questions i got were "what brought u to UPS" and "what is your SSN so i can verify it and run a background check"

    2. as i am not a driver i cannot answer this one very effectively, but in any event that a bid is posted in your hub to become a driver, u cannot bid on it till you have one year of senority in the union and UPS (correct me if im wrong). Although i do sit in the same boat as you wanting to become a driver, im only 19, and in NY u gotta be 21 (unless its CO policy).
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    Wrong, Pollock. I saw a sheet the other day titled "Qualifications for Driving Positions." In the Rocky Moutain District, the sheet said 6 months seniority, 21 years of age and something about your MVR with "minor" incidents and revocations, etc, etc in the last X number of years. If the thread starter wants the information, I'll get it and post it. -Rocky
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    I can spot the 'prospectives' a mile away even if they're standing alone. They're the ones that still have a smile on their face.

    First you have to get the vernacular right.
    If you're interviewing for a position in the package division. The small buildings that dispatch package cars (small brown truck) are referred to as centers. The large buildings that sort to trailers destined to other UPS domiciles are referred to as hubs. there are no UPS package warehouses to my knowledge. Now Logistics may have them, but package don't........Then again maybe they do as I haven't been to a PCM in years.
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    Welcome to the forum, you can learn a lot from here. At my center, the tours are always welcomed with the "FRESH FISH" chant from our twilight primary sort. It's a hoot. The length of time it may take to get a full time driver varies from hub to hub. The one question you should ask yourself before shooting such a goal is, how much do I like my body(for it will be gone before you get rich) and how much do I appreciate my sanity(for it will take flight before your body)?

    It's probably safe to say that everyone that posts here is a lifer, and that all of us at one time or another looked at working for UPS with the same enthusiasm as you have now. Alas, we have all learned that type of bright-eyed and bushy tailed attitude will only get you punished with more, while you watch the weak and incompetent get spoon-fed with less.

    However, if you're looking for the kind of love-hate relationship that you could get from an escaped mental patient, than UPS is the place to be. And behind the wheel of a 1986, non-powered steering P1000, packed out and chocked full of misloads(thanks PAS:thumbup1:) is where you want to be.

    Then again, maybe I'm just jaded...:sad:
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    Actually, i was right, for my area, we have all the same requirements, minus the 6 months seniority, its one year according to the supplemental agreement between the Upstate/ Western NY Teamsters and UPS (article 69 section 2).
  7. hondo

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    1. Would you believe they checked my credit? No, really!
    2. This is the usual way to make it to full-time driver. As you can see from some of the above replies: requirements of time worked in hub/center (warehouse), age, Motor Vehicle Record, driver's license class required vary regionally. Make it absolutely clear to everyone-your interviewer, HR people, training supervisors, part-time and full-time supes in the warehouse and union stewards/Business Agent that you're looking to make full-time package car driver (now being renamed as service provider-ugh/shudder!). Work hard, work safe, & work as directed while in the warehouse. Find the qualifications list ASAP, put all those ducks in a row (except the actual driver's license-they're slightly arrogant about training/testing drivers themselves, but by all means take any written/vision tests and have the learning permit on hand).You might want to find out the local union # now and call them to find out how long the waiting list is. Also, you need to look around and ask yourself: Is this city/state/region where I want to spend the next 30-35 years living/working? UPS employees (non-management) pretty much can't transfer (even locally) and may not even be eligible for rehire in other regions.
  8. Pollocknbrown

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    They are changing it to a service provider? wth, anyone anywhere can be classified as a "service provider". On another note, why make it clear to everyone you in contact that you want to become a package car driver (ill never use the other phrase just because it is assonane).
  9. hondo

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    So they won't *forget* to put up the bid list, and say "Oh sorry, we didn't realize anyone was interested in that job". It's not like Reapix could bring it up at his/her first TLA (Talk,Listen,Ask). Of course it could lead to being worked harder than anyone else because they'll know they won't retain him/her in the building. And no offense to my brothers and sisters in the uniform, but when I hear the term *service provider* I can't help thinking it could be a euphemism for prostitute:sad:.
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    Thanks a lot for your replies guys I appreciate it. I realize being a full time package driver or "service provider" is a physically demanding job but some of you guys make it out be almost crippling, is it really THAT bad? Also my girlfriend and I currently reside in the Akron/Cleveland area and we've recently been interested in moving to Florida, so I was hoping it might be possible to somehow transfer to a driving position down there,but from the sound of it that probably isn't a possibility. Would I be better off just applying down there?
  11. Pollocknbrown

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    yes, generally the only way to transfer is because of education reasons (IE transferring from akron U to FSU, or some other institution down in FL). however think about this, pkg cars do not have AC and are all brown with only the open doors and vents to cool it off, which it does so very inefficently, put that into context of a career b4 u go balls deep (sorry for expression) in driving in 100 degree heat.
  12. Reapix

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    Yea I've thought about that but I'd rather deal with the extreme heat a few months out of the year than deal with the winter months the majority of the year up here. But anyways I've completed two years of college and was wondering how much does UPS pay towards tuition?
  13. DS

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    In Toronto they'll hire you off the street
  14. Raw

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    I`m from Cleveland and I moved to Florida when I was 21, my advise is to quit then move to Florida and get in down here, driver job is unbearable in the brutal winter up there and you will become a driver much quicker down here as everyone is leaving Ohio and moving to Florida. :thumbup1:
  15. Pollocknbrown

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    majority? winter is only nov-march up here, and buffalo is probably 20x worse because of lake erie than akron. And UPS will give u at most 1500 a sem/ 3K a year
  16. Raw

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    I actually posted my first reply before I read on that you were considering moving to Florida!! Weirdo-Rama!!!! Like I said, just quit and move to Florida, weather is perfecto 10 months out of the year and only hot a short time, I like it when it`s hot anyway.
  17. Pollocknbrown

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    Some of us dont though :lol:
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    Yeah, I like it when I'm in heat too.
  19. Reapix

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    Yea that is weird lol...I would love to just pack up camp and move down there but what if don't get hired. And even if I do get hired it would only be in the warehouse...I don't think working part time 25 hours a week would be enough to get by. Thats why it would be nice to get the warehouse position out of the way up here then transfer to be a full time driving package car driver down in Flordia. How did you go about just moving down there?
  20. hoser

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    we get an NFG every week who comes on here starting a new thread asking "OMGZ I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW AND I'M GOING TO TOUR THE CENTRE WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT/DO/WEAR/HAVE/BE/ASK?"

    and every week, the members answer these questions dutifully without any flak.

    NFG's have it really good on this forum, if only their "can you do everything for me?" and "i can't use the search feature on the forum!" attitude could get them as far with the actual employer for more than 2 weeks.