Scooter Libby found guilty

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by DorkHead, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. DorkHead

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    Just wondering what people think and why
  2. Jones

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    I think he got a fair trial and that the jury gave a fair verdict. Given the amount of money that was spent on this investigation it seems a little anti-climactic.
  3. CTOTH

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    Hopefully a further invetigation will be pursued, exposing our war criminal vice president.
    I don't know why Libby took the fall for him. Ultimately he is going to be disbarred and his career in Washington is over. The only way his day could get any worse is if he went bird hunting with Dick Cheney.
  4. over9five

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    Hopefully, these anti-Bush people will crawl back into their holes, and Mr Libby will get the Presidential pardon he deserves.
  5. scratch

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    I think that he should receive the same punishment that Sandy Berger did for stealing classified documents. Why the double standard?
  6. tieguy

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    Courts found him guilty. As a good republican he should serve his time with honor.

    I listened to a lot of the dialogue and interviews over the past couple of years. My impression was to wonder if I would be able to remember specific details from specific conversations had on specific days or whether my memory could be confused and gotten me convicted too.
  7. SeniorGeek

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    A jury of citizens found him guilty. In my mind, that carries more weight than a decision by a judge alone.

    I think that the people who say "Scooter" should be pardoned may believe that prosecutors have too much power, and need to be reined in.
    If I remember correctly (ha!), at least one of Martha Stewart's convictions for "false statements" was for telling a federal agent she did not remember something. (I do not know how they proved that was a there some technology we do not know about yet?)
  8. wkmac

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    The larger question IMO would be that the DOJ would lobby Congress to criminalize Alzheimers and other forms of dementia as forgetfullness would now be on par with murder, rape and robbery!


    I think it's sad and telling at the same time that our own Federal Justice Department within it's functional responsibility to uphold American law can't be trusted to properly investigate a matter and bring forth a prosecution if warranted and that an independent counsel has to be seated in order to do such things. In fact, I believe with an independent counsel, the pressure is so great that someone is going down whether or not the facts warrant such action.

    One could easily argue that during the Clinton years this process was run amuck and that no matter what, the music would stop and someone on purpose would be left without a chair but it would be someone who could be sacrificed. In the case of Libby, I think it's about the same thing as we now know it was Richard Armitage who really outted Plame and my guess is Libby was sacrified by the powers that be in order to provide the masses with a scapgoat and in the end, like a number of those who went down to keep the Clinton folks safe in power, the Presidential pardon will come into play and this all would be little more than a dust spect on the American Experiment. The American People now feel vindicated and satisfied that the law breaker was dealt with and the matter now goes quietly away.

    Ah, what the HeII, more wine and circus I say!!!!