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    hey brownboxman....we need to see you in the office before you punch;)
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    There is something drivers don't want to here after braking his ass on the road for 11 hours, lol
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    Your welcome Scott Davis for my years of profitable work or I guess I have had it all wrong you are obviously the reason to UPS's success.
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    Don't you feel comfortable knowing that a ex Arthur Anderson employee is running UPS. Vote of no competence from what I have seen so far. Oh a slip, I meant confidence.
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    UPS chief: D.C. politics gets in way of job creation

    5:14 am August 30, 2011, by Henry Unger
    I’ve been confused lately about what “business uncertainty” means.
    We heard the term during the health-reform debate. And the banking-regulation debate. And the Bush tax-cut debate. And the debt-ceiling debate.
    Scott Davis

    What’s next?
    Is it uncertainty that’s causing our economic problems? Is that the main reason companies are sitting on more than $2 trillion in cash instead of hiring workers?
    Or is it simpler than that, namely the lack of demand from scared consumers, who make up 70 percent of the economy?
    To try to find out, I sat down with someone who has a unique vantage point — a CEO of a Sandy Springs company that operates in 220 countries.
    I know Scott Davis of UPS to be a plain-talking, reasonable man. That must be why President Obama asked him and three other CEOs to lunch at the White House recently to discuss how to create more jobs.
    So, Mr. Davis, is uncertainty standing in the way of putting people back to work, or is insufficient demand the culprit?
    Turns out, he said, it’s both. We’re in a pickle.
    “Supply and demand should drive the economy more than anything,” he said. But, he added, companies “want to understand what the world is going to be like” before investing in new jobs.
    What happens in Washington matters, not only for the big companies known for long-range planning. Small and mid-sized firms, which comprise the bulk of UPS customers, also develop their strategies three to five years out, he said.
    “Indecision [from Washington] on energy policy, health care … and other issues makes it difficult to make investments,” Davis, 59, said. Thousands of dollars are spent hiring and training each new worker, and businesses don’t want to waste that money if Washington changes the rules.
    Still, in large part, it’s the lack of demand that’s keeping the economy down, Davis said.
    “If you’re scared to death by the Great Recession, you’re going to keep your money in your pocket,” he said.
    UPS has $5.6 billion in its pocket, or what the accountants call “cash on hand.”
    “My first choice [in spending that money] is to reinvest in the business,” he said. “But you need to find the right investment.”
    What would tip the balance to hire more workers?
    “I’m a big believer in simplifying the tax code,” Davis said. “Get rid of deductions.” And combine that with lower rates and tax credits to get more people hired.
    Davis also believes the federal government should spend more on infrastructure — roads, rail and ports.
    And he’s fed up with the long delays in passing free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.
    “We desperately need to add jobs in this country,” he said. “You need to get exports going to reduce unemployment.”
    Most importantly, he said, more common sense and civility are needed in Washington to deal with long-term issues, such as the $14.7 trillion debt.
    “The polarization is what’s getting us now,” Davis said. “What happened to the middle? Both sides have to give.”
    Yes they do.
    – Henry Unger, The Biz Beat

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    Well Mr. Scott Davis....I've a news flash for you....

    The graveyards are full of wealthy, intelligent, important people that the world can't do without.
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    Typical. He says get rid of deductions, but have credits for hiring.
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    Scott Davis has said over and over again the importance of UPS people. It only takes a minute on UPSers.Com to see those examples.

    Of course, people here have said those words are disingenuous when you heard them in the past.

    Now a Q & A comes out and he doesn't mention UPS people.... You use that as proof to say he is uncaring.

    If he mentions or doesn't mention UPS people, you say he is uncaring.... Your opinion will be unchanged regardless of what facts you see.

    I know.... You will come up with all the examples of why this is an uncaring company. You will ignore examples of the good within this great company, and its great management and hourly team.

    This is just like the poor manager who points to the exceptions as if they were the norm. Using the dishonest driver as the excuse to improperly mistrust others.

    By the way.... This Q and A was inspiried because he was giving the commencement speech at his alma mater. If you read the commencement speech, he does mention that he stayed with UPS because of its great people....
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    I say that asking for tax credits to hire, yet, on the other hand, saying the tax code needs to have deductions eliminated is hypocritical. Just as, it is hypocritical to say you care about your employees and they matter most, yet, on the other hand, if you are not 100% after being injured at work while you were doing double duty during peak to help get your centers trucks out the door every morning because management has you so short staffed, is AGAIN hypocritical.
    Please tell me where I went wrong.
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    I guess I don't see it as hypocrisy as much as everything not being black and white.

    Personally, I like some tax deductions, not others. I'd rather see a flat tax. I'd like to see every american pay the exact same flat tax with no deductions.

    Would you agree to that? You would pay the same % as Scott Davis. I see that as fair. You may see that as unfair because more wealthy people should pay a larger %. I wouldn't call you hipocritical if you took that stance.....

    Life is not black and white.

    One may say its hipocritical to join a company, sign a contract, and then later complain about the rules, culture, and circumstances. PPH, SPORH, Ov/Un, Production focus, have been around from before I started and I'm old. I don't see any change in those areas (except we now have more information available).

    Now, I am 100% opposed to unethical behavior and actions that violate policy. I will never support a manager that acts improperly and I will not try and say that it doesn't happen. (Just as you cannot say that unethical drivers do not exist)

    But that situation is different than what was stated here.

    Running a business or living life requires balance. We don't have to do everything down the party line. We don't have to be fully liberal or conservative.

    So, you may or may not agree with his stance. I think that's fair and responsible to think for yourself.

    But it doesn't make him hipocritical. It just means you don't agree.
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    Then, don't state one thing about the tax code(which is sooooo true), then ask for a credit.

    Don't say you care about employees, when you are throwing them by the wayside and hurting the ones you have.
    That is hypocritical.
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    Which is more important? Bottom line or the employee? Answer that question without adding in any variables.
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    Without the bottom line there would be no need for employees.
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    I am asking p-man. Not you.
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    I didn't realize that you owned Brown Cafe. Sorry.
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    Wow. You finally get it. Neither do you. I posed a question to a specific person.
    Not to you. It's amazing when you do the same, there are no allowances. At what point you get to leave me alone, I will overnite Mac and cheese to Over. You are a bug that doesnt know when to quit. Go back to that bubble of goodness, NotGod.
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    BOTH are important.

    If you want to know if people are more important than money. Yes people are more important.

    That does NOT mean they are the only important thing. You see balance as hypocrisy. I do not.

    We have management employees, hourly employees, customers, service, shareowners, communities.......

    They ALL are important. No one constitiuency has importance exclusive of the others. All are related.

    My family is most important thing to me. Same with you (I assume). That doesn't mean mean they are the only important thing. Sometimes, I have to do things that places family second (like work, or charity, or my own needs). This doesn't mean they are less important. They are just balanced with other things.

    Sorry that I can't leave other variables out. That is the problem that I expressed at the beginning. This is not a black and white issue.
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    Thank you for an honest answer. It is most appreciated.

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    I can't make left turns? Can't believe people buy that bs still. We all know how bad the PAS system and the EDD listings in the DIAD are. Unless you took the time to fix it yourself. When it first came here I would do 1400 anysteet to 1500 back to 1410 anystreet. Can't believe he can take credit for "No left turns". What a joke.

    I did find it interesting he talked about Al Gore's Internet and people shopping more online. Giving us more onesey's and twosey's. I thought we didn't like those. Those cost us money. No money walking up to a house with one pkg. All need to be bulkstops.