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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by quebec_driver, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Canada has been bashed in the last weeks by McCartney and B Bardot about seal hunting, Brigitte Bardot has decided to visit our prime minister to try to have seal hunting stopped. I am getting pretty fed up with stars trying to change the world to their way of life. Seal hunting is a traditional way of earning your keep for the seal hunters, it is one of the most regulated hunts in the country. The hunt is a way to keep the seal population in check ( there haven`t been so many seals in years). Seals eat fish and they have done a lot of damage to the cod population, which has caused of lot of fishing families to find new jobs, losing a way of life going back generations. I wish these stars would see the rest of the picture before they use the media to advance their agenda.
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    quebec_driver.......first you have to realize that most (no, make that ALL) Hollywood stars are stupid. I'm talkin', "dumber than dirt". I consider their sphere of influence to be pretty small.....except for maybe Oprah. Whatever ruckus they are causing, will die down shortly. McCartney is busy with his own Arizona ranch and the laws in that state and Bardot is overrun with homeless puppies to care for.
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    I hope so, but there is a family from the US that decided to send a letter to all our senators( not the Hockey team) stating they cancelled their vacation in Canada because of the seal hunt...
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    Mccartney used to be a very good songwriter.I think when that creative edge he had back in the old days started getting thin,he had to come up with some other way to get the attention he thinks he deserves.
    Like gravy moppin it up.(wings ~at the speed of sound)
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    Brigitte Bardot left Canada in a huff ,Stephen Harper did not want to talk to her she was upset called us barbarians because of the seal hunt. One of Quebec`s respected television commentators stated she should get a life and start seeing the reality beyond the hunt, basically seals eat cod and 6 millions seals eat a lot of cod the seal population has to be controlled.
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    Terminology might be part of the problem.

    I used to go deer hunting, and years back even duck and pheasant hunting. They involved skill, and usually a fire arm of sorts to shoot what you were hunting. The whole time while hunting, I never took a stick and beat the hell out of the nest full of eggs or hatchlings. I have not shot at fawns either.

    No self respecting hunter would ever call what happens there a hunt.

    Now, on the other hand, pest eradication is what it seems to really be. Going out on the ice and clubbing the infant seals that can't get away to death to control the population is one means to an end. But it ain't hunting. No more than me hunting dogs at the pound.

    So call it what it really is and quit giving hunting a black eye.

    But then again, hell, never mind!

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    Humans cause more damage than the seals could ever think about but no one has suggested clubbing baby humans to death for, ostensibly, population control and then skinning them because the coats are pretty.

    I agreed with what you said up until the point you wavered and apparently gave up.
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    Canada has allowed a quota of 350,000 seals out of 6 millions, killing baby seals has been illegal for at least 10 years. The animal rights people have been showing biased videos of the hunt, most hunters use a rifle. the meat is shipped around the world. and 6 million seals do reproduce and eat a lot of fish... and if it makes you happy people have been HARVESTING the sea for milleniums...
  9. seals should die
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    I'm with you when it comes to movie stars endorsing anything. Be it politicians, human right agencies, charities, etc.

    Not to say I don't get involved, I do, but not because some movie star endorsed it. Now that the presidential candidates are starting their campaigns, we 'll probably see more of their faces plastered in ads and TV.