Seasonal Driver - 1st Peak Season Nearly Over...What's Next?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownrecluse, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Greetings, Merry Christmas to all! Okay... my first (peak) season as a driver is coming to an end... but I don't want it to be over. Looking for a full time driving job as soon as contract requirements allow an outsider in... I was trained on a heavy commercial/industrial route and it nearly kicked my butt initially. But within 3 days I was told I was doing a great job, kept getting more stops, times kept coming down, etc. I love the job - although muscles that I never knew I had are sore all over! :knockedout: Veteran drivers complimented my efforts, and commented on the same to management. Now what can I do so that I am not forgotten and so that I am called back for the next season... May through August? Any suggestions?
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    Just keep your fingers crossed and hopefully they will call u back.
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    Thank you what you did for UPS. We all need people like you. At my center one new driver delivered very fast. Sometimes I asked him did he brought packages to doorsteps!
    Depend on which center you are working hopefully they will ask you to stay after peak season. Good luck!
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    It is normal for there to be a layoff of drivers (even with seniority) after peak. With that in mind, don't expect too much to happen till late Jan. at least. Keep your face in front of them, but remember, you may have to go the "part-time-first" route. Good luck.
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    I would check to see how many parttimers are lined up to go into driving. If there is a lot I would not go part time. It would be faster to try for the off the street position. If you get called back for the summer you are locked in for an off the street position in the rotation. If there was more than one seasonal driver this Christmas make sure you are the first to work this summer. If there was another seasonal driver and this Christmas and he worked last summer, go part time....
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    Thanks to you all. I appreciate the feedback.
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    I spoke with my center manager yesterday. He indicated that he would take me back for the summer season in a snap. Indicated that I performed better than most off the street drivers... for what that's worth. However, I also found out that there are two other seasonal drivers ahead of me in the rotation. center manager indicated that I could just stay a seasonal driver, but that I should take a PT position... and that he would move me into seasonal driving positions for summer, peak, etc. He said that they normally offer the off the street positions (when available) up to the PT supes that want to drive... I'm slightly confused on this... As I am forty something, and can't necessarily wait several years for the full time job offer... I don't know which route may be the best for me.... any further advice greatly appreciated.
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    The new contract changed to a 6/1 ratio of inside/outside hires so waiting for an off the street hire might take awhile.

    Did the center manager mention where they were at in the inside/outside hires? This would be good info to know.

    On another note since you mentioned your age - the benefits for PT can't be beat - insurance may be a life-saver sooner than later.
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    Thank you Ms.PacMan... No, center manager didn't mention the inside/outside hire count...and rookie me didn't ask. I will ask him next week. It would appear that the PT route may be the best for me w/two seasonals ahead of me...