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    I am applying for seasonal driver. In the pre-interview info meeting they said they have part timers that come back every 6 months or so to do seasonal work, and it takes years to get on full time. I will make plenty of money being seasonal every year so I am not worried about full time. In my area they appear to hire every summer and winter.

    I do wonder a couple things...

    1.) How many hours/days can I work? I understand federal law limits my hours to 60 per week. Any limits per day?

    2.) It was said at the info meeting that you may get those 60 in four days or work just a few hours on Friday any truth to that?

    3.) Is it only M-F?

    4.) Do they treat seasonal drivers worse or better?

    May seem dumb to ask questions before I have the job, but I already know the 5 seeing habits verbatim, and I assume I will get the job if I follow through, because of the 5 people at the meeting no one was going for the interview. lol

    Any other info I might need would be greatly appreciated. :happy2:

    I apologize for not searching the entire forums if these questions have been asked and answered. Thanks in advance
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    1) You can work up to 14 hours per day but only can only drive for 12.

    2) As you can see from above it is not possible to get your 60 in just 4 days.

    3) For the most part, yes, although you may be asked to work on Saturday during Peak.

    4) You will be treated like any other employee.
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    Seasonal drivers have no contractual rights other then wages. Not a fast track to FT.
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    Search around a little bit, read quite a bit more and find the answers you seek.
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    If this is what you want to do, its worth the time. I drove peak last year and just got hired off the street permanently. I was hired in October but didn't start driving until December. That will vary per area and volume.

    Dave answered your questions well. Last year I drover over 12 hours a couple days. I found out this year in training that sups have to get approval to have you stay out later. I also worked a Saturday. I went with a sup and did pick ups at UPS stores. Easiest overtime I've ever done.

    Barnyard is right. There is a lot of info here. Just. Look around. I've been lurking since October of last year and have found everything I've needed.
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    Correction to #1. Per DOT you can ONLY drive 11hrs per shift,doing other things to a total of 14hrs. And that includes and break time
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    How many hours you can work is different than how many hours you will work. As a seasonal driver your not guaranteed any hours. That being said you will most likely be work most days about 8 or 9 hours a day. During the end of Nov till x-mass those hours will increase.

    You will be working M-F you will not being filling in on Sat if they need people to fill in they will put up a list for drivers to sign and then it goes by seniority.

    Seasonal drivers are treated the same as regular driver except for but not limited to

    1. You have no right to any hours of work.
    2. If you get into an accident or hurt on the job it will be your last year working for UPS in any capacity.
    3. Your not getting any vacation or sick or personal days if you don't work you don't get paid.
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    You are not guaranteed work everyd prepared to be sent home as often as several times a week until peak starts.