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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by stringerman85, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Well, Has anybody ever heard of seasonal package drivers not being able to drive three consecutive times in a row? I drove last May through September, and then November through December...And human resources is telling me and my other buddy that they will not let us drive this May....It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, To me or anybody...And they also said it is in our contract, Well actually it's not.. I looked in all three union contracts including my region and it's not in there and one of my teamster reps confirmed....I was told to show up at a grievance hearing Monday morning and talk face to face with someone who would know for sure...But has anybody else heard of this before?
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    I vaguely remember reading that if you drive seasonal 3 times then they are required to hire you on full time permanent. Therefore they won't do it.
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    Yeah, That's what HR was trying to tell me....I'm just curious to see where it actually says that...It's not in the new contract...You would think if you put your name on a sign up sheet with more seniority than anyone else for a seasonal spot then you should be granted it no matter what, How can they just pass up our names? Even if it means gaining seniority for FT, I think I would deserve it anyway, I have enough experience.....Almost enough seniority as it is....I called my center manager that I drove for and he never heard of it as well......
  4. stringerman85

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    And it's funny because they post this sign up sheet for like 2 days..How rediculous..It was my name and three others.......

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    When a seasonal driver gets hired for the third time, that means he becomes a full-time package driver for UPS. If they have room to add permanent drivers, and you knocked their socks off in the past, then they would hire you for the third time. If their roster is full, they would be more inclined to hire someone else so they wouldn't be forced by the union to keep you full-time