Seasonal tractor trailer driver.

RolloTony Brown Town

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Actually this is the ideal time of year to show what you are made of.
I didn’t know you had any feeder or hiring experience... let me explain.

Seasonals that come in this late (end of November) don’t get nearly as many opportunities to show what they’re made of.

If he had started back in October? better opportunity. If he comes back in the summer or had started in the summer? Now they know you can handle the job for the bulk of the year.

feeder drivers that come in this late have no time to learn Ivis, to learn CPU, to learn how to stay on a full feeder schedule.

They DO have enough time to learn how to shuttle empty finkle and barnunn trailers across the street and shift trailers in the yard. Unless desperate for drivers, these are the last employees that management is looking at for staying on after peak.
Dont listen to all the negatives on here. I was seasonal for 2 yrs. Never laid off after peak. Hired on permanent one month ago. It would have been sooner but I dropped a trailer in December of 2017 so I had to prove myself. Good luck