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    I have been working at UPS as a seasonal employee for almost 2 weeks now as an unloader, I have been showing up on time and I have been doing what I am suppose to do which is to unload the packages from the feeder truck. My qustion is how do I get to be a permanent part time unloader ? and who should I talk to inoder to show them that I am intersted in being a permanent part timer. what are the chances of UPS Rehiring me after the peak season is over ? Thanks
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    Show up on time everyday,meet their numbers,keeo your mouth shut and don't get in with the negative people.. Sounds loike you have a good start. Let your Sup know you like the job & want to stay after Peak. You will be put on the re/hire list and may get a call back. Good Luck !!
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    don't question orders (just do them as best as possible), show up every day on time, and work hard

    do that and you'll be rehired, then after you make seniority you can relax a bit
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    What others have said is good advice, but I'd also like to add mention it to your FT sup as well. Doesn't hurt to let a couple people know, as sometimes the PT sup can forget to pass the word on.
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    Do what the others have said show up everyday, do what your told, work hard, and stay out of other people business and gripes. However even with you doing all the right things you need to understand that it is a crap shoot whether or not you get called back.

    They have to have an opening and your competing with other people for the same openings.