second day air AM commit time

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by toonertoo, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. toonertoo

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    [​IMG]Does anyone know the delivery commit time for 2nd day air am packages at a residence? I usually get these for commercial adds. Had one the other day for a residence, and no boss knew, or driver knew. One said by end of day, one just admitted he didnt know. I would assume it is noon, or what would be the sense of sending it AM? Or is it just guaranteed to business by noon. Seems elementary to me, just asking for wisdom where I know it can be found.
  2. brown138

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    2nd day Am for residential is by end of day.
    There is no reason to use it for a residential delivery.

  3. local804

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    End of day.....No boss or driver knew the answer?
  4. toonertoo

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    You are correct, I had to go to to check and it is guaranteed only to commercial by noon in most areas. I just wondered Because I have one house which gets one just about every Thursday, I think it is a paycheck. Regular 2nd day would get it there same time. Thanks
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    Yet Next Day Early A.M. to a Res. is 8:30. You wonder why our customers can't figure out our services. Neither can we! Do they get a refund for a res or do we just pocket the diff?
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    It's the same concept as if a someoner uses 2DA for a pkg that will normally get there in 1 day via ground.
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    If I'm the customer it's not the same. I use a 2nd day a.m. to get it there the 2nd day in the a.m. They payed for the service and they should get it res. or not. I del. them before noon either way. We should change our color to gray on this issue. The Monster
  8. rth87

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    How about a next day saver to a 12:00 delivery area? My boss still doesn't know when that's committed. I think its 4:30.
  9. lifer

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    4:30 Commercial

    EOD Residential
  10. local804

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    It still amazes me that there bosses still dont know the basics of the operation.Either there are some stupid people in managment(which wouldnt surprise me) or some guys are just stretch the truth about their bosses knowledge.But then again,most suits at UPS got in from who they know and who they bl*%.[​IMG]
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    Brownmonster YOU think like I do, way too scary!!!
    Local 804, I dont even want to elaborate on that............I would never stretch the truth on a failure I could have had!!! I just wanted an answer because 2day am to me should be by noon,.... wherever,.... there is a reason they used it instead of reg 2nd day. Sending one second day when it would be there the next is just ignorant, I feel this is different!! And I tell people all the time they are wasting their money paying for a service which ground is going to be there anyway, I guess the color makes them feel safer, even tho I tell them it is all GUARANTEED.
  12. rushfan

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    Here on 2day AM Business: 12:00, no commit time for residental.