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  1. BlackJack616

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    I been working in the local sort as a loader for 4 years. If I become a driver will my Seniority date hold at 4 years under the drivers or still i start from scratch?

    Theres a bunch of drivers that havent been there that long, if my Seniority date carries over that would put me ahead of a bunch of drivers.
  2. 705red

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    You have part time seniority and full time seniority. I was hired in September as a prt timer and went full time in the month of June. As a driver I use the june date for bidding and picking vacations, but I gain my weeks from my part time date.

    Hope this helps.
  3. BlackJack616

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    It helps, i was hoping my seniority date would have carried over into driving..

    Only because the vacation picks are terrible, new comers have to take there vacations in like January/feb.

    but then all my personal /sick days will carry over as well.
  4. DazedandConfused

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    Ive been argueing this point with our local for over a year now. As a PT driver we have to pick our vacations after the other drivers, our "Job Classification Seniority" date should be the day we become qualified. If I was able to pick my vacations of the PT list, I would be able to get most any week I wanted. Many do not believe there is a thing called "Job Classification Seniority". I DO! PT'ers(in my miniority opinion) should not be able to change from one PT job class to a different PT class and take the work away that another PT'er is performing(and has been for quite a while). You're not supposed to be able to change class unless there is an opening in the new class anyway.The highest PT'er who wants that new opening should get it. If they move to another PT class, I feel they shoud start at the bottom. But like I said, many think that is contrary to what "Seniority" is all about. You'll get many different answers on here. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Nothing will carry over. You will be cashed out for sickdays and vacations. We get a driver start date and a company start date. The driver start date is for vacations and senority stuff. The company start day is when our 5 floating holidays renew and it is also where your retirement starts counting from. You only get credit for half of a year for each part time year. So you have 4 part time years in that will count for 2 full time years tword your retirement.