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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SafetyFirst, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Does a driver on a bid route automatically have more seniority than a full time cover? Or does it defer back to fulltime seniority date regardless? Im asking in terms of the bid process
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    There are FT drivers who prefer to be bid cover.

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    We have a couple that have 15 to 20 years bid coverage. Don't want to be tied down to just one route I guess. I do vacation coverage for both AM and PM air routes. After a week or so I am ready for a change.
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    I wish my center let you stay a cover driver. I am 2nd in seniority for cover driving. In theory you can bid the city routes in the winter, rural in the nicer weather. Best of both worlds. Get to see a little bit of this and that. Here they assign top cover to a bid route. So rather then picking the gravy routes you get stuck on some crap shoot that no other driver bids. Ah seniority. It will be nice to be on top sometime.
  6. turdbrown

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    you should be able to pick the rte that you want to so. everything is by seniority.If they assign a rt to someone who has lower seniority, you should be able to bump them off.
  7. oldngray

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    Once you win the bid on a route it is yours even if a higher seniority person later wants it. It will be your route until it is bid again. Some centers bid routes periodically but in my center that would be your route until you bid off it. Or until UPS eliminated the route.
  8. Rainman

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    We bid every year here. You stay on it until next bid or next job opening between bid times.

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  9. barnyard

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    That is the way we do it also. The only time a higher seniority driver can bump a lower driver off a bid route is when there are not enough routes for the higher seniority driver to work, then he/she can bump that driver off their route.

    There was a time that could have happened in my center, but the higher seniority driver always took layoff.

    The other time it can happen is when a route is transferred to another center and the driver decides not to follow that route. The driver can bump onto a route if it is held by someone with less seniority.
  10. oldngray

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    Here the higher seniority driver could only bump the least senior driver and not be able to arbitrarily choose who he would displace. That route would still remain the less senior drivers bid route when more routes were added back.
  11. barnyard

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    Same here. I explained it poorly.