Senority date raise.



I started at UPS on July 10, 2006, got my $.50 raise this july 10. With the new contract looming.... will I get a $.50 raise in 2008 AND the new contract raise on Aug 1? Ive asked stewards in our hub, and they couldnt give me a definite answer. Thanks
yes you will recieve both your senority raise and the august 1 raise since it is not legal for the company to to work you more then a year with a raise... unless of course the august 1st raise gets siphoned into your pension :mellow: i have no idea how that new contract would work


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I think that was a mistake. However, state laws vary as we all know. I live in SC and boy we got some leftover laws from the mid/late 1800's that are pretty funny. One I remember is that everyone who attends church on Sunday is required to bring a rifle. HAH..............MULE

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Any PTer who currently has seniority will be thrown out of their progression and get the contract raises instead.

But since your next anniversary raise is before Aug 1, you'll probably get it. But once you get a contract raise, you will no longer be eligible for anniversary raises.