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  1. To qualify every year for the service pension is it 40 weeks or 1801 hours? I came out of central states with the buy out in 2008.
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    1800 for service credit and 156 reports for vacation.
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    There are 2 types of pension. The regular defined benefit pension and the service pension.

    You need 1801 hours for the defined.

    You need 40 weeks for the service pension. Work 1 hour in the week and you get credit for the whole week.

    The big difference between the regular pension and the service pension is that there is no cap on the service pension. There is a 35 year cap, $3700 per month on the regular pension.

    Working longer will not increase your pension.

    Work 40 years and you only get $3700. Under the service pension, work 40 years you could get around $4300.
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    This. ^^^ Go to and use the retirement calculator. It will give you an estimate(just went there and it's new calculator. don't like it as good as the old one.)
    If I work 40 years full-time driving I can get $6,137.62/month. I'll probably go earlier 59-60.
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    This may sound stupid but I'm only 7 years in 25 yo and don't know much about the pension is that something we have to sign up for like 401k? Do we get service and defined together?
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    No, whichever is more
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    1. Not for UPS. They basically got an exemption from Congress.

    2. Even if there were cuts, UPS has to cover the cuts.

    3. I feel for the retirees of other companies that could lose half their pension.
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    With all due respect. At this moment in time, under this particular contract, what you stated is true. But what's to say the active voting employees of UPS that voted "YES" for this contract, not just be enticed to change it. Just look at how the current retirees were taken care of. A $1000 bonus and another optional day could persuade most of the workers to let a pension guarantee be changed. No way will UPS want to keep the high cost of guaranteed pension payments if they have to cover the "extra" expense of a failing Union plan.

    When someone retires, they soon become yesterdays news, out of sight, out of mind. The young drivers I talk to don't think there will be a pension for them anyhow, so I just can't see them caring about the pension agreement that we have in place right now. Like it or not, a change is coming.
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    True'er words were never spoke----just remember that your turn is coming and nobody will give a crap about you either.
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    I argued this with others when we pulled out of Central states-I felt we would be giving retired members a slap in the face when they where the ones who got the Union benifits going for us before we where even around. Now I tell the ones that are retiring now they better hope future ones keep this (2. Even if there were cuts, UPS has to cover the cuts.) negotiated in all future contracts and hope they don't do what we did.
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    So True....Yep I do feel like that I am retired.......all of us retirees are History
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    How do you get to that retirement calculator on upsers?