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UPS Boosts Dividend
Thursday February 9, 4:57 pm ET
By TSC Staff,
UPS boosted its quarterly dividend by a nickel and put its finance chief on the board.
The Atlanta-based package giant said the moves reflect the board's confidence in the company's financial position and prospects for growth.
UPS named finance chief Scott Davis to the board, replacing Lea Soupata, who retired last month as UPS's senior vice president for human resources.
The company also boosted its quarterly dividend to 38 cents a share from the previous 33 cents, payable March 7 to holders of record Feb. 21.
"UPS generates exceptional cash flow and has raised its dividend in nine of the last 10 years," said CEO Mike Eskew. "Moving forward, we are confident that the company will continue to produce consistent, strong growth."


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"...while they mill around delivering packages".

Surely you must be referring to the other (DHL, Fredex) delivery company's drivers. Our drivers are too busy going like a bat out of hell to ".....mill around". Perhaps that is why he didn't take the time to close the bulkhead door.....he's just trying to turn good numbers to please his supervisor.

But then you already knew everything about that....didn't you?


I have to admit there were times I was one of those short cutters when I delivered where I left the bulkhead door open. Never thought nothing of it.

Later I heard a story of someone who did so and had to hit the brakes hard. Handcart flew through the open door and almost killed him. Required a lot of surgery to fix the damage to his head and face.

One thing I am often amazed at is how the methods we preach for performance often have a safety benifit to them.

In the unload a load retainer strap when disconected should be stored in the 3 point position with 3 hooks hooked to the wall on one side. The obvious benifit to doing so is efficency and the safety of not having someone trip on a load retainer strap that is laying on the grates. I saw another good reason to enforce this method last week.

2 Shifters sitting side by side on two adjacent bays. Lets say bays 10 and 11. Shifter on Bay 10 is pulling an empty off the door. Load retainer strap in the back of his trailer has one hook hooked to the wall and the rest laying on the grates. Shifter pulls bay 10 one of the hooks on the strap portion laying on the grates gates on the edge of the dock plate. Strap stretches hook eventually releases. comes flying out fast and hard enough to put a dent in the shifter vehicle on ball 11 and crack the window glass shattering it. Imagine if a person had been standing where that shifter vehicle was sitting.

Trick I can appreciate your irritation with the post about bulkhead doors but I think the poster was more dissapointed then critical when he/she made that post.


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We live in a hilly development. I watched the UPS man turn into a street, package comes flying out the main door because his bulkhead door was open I remember thinking, "Gosh I hope that isn't my Waterford order from Cash's.

Your training says keep it closed.
For your safety, keep it closed.
For less damages, keep it closed.
You get paid to keep it closed.


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UPS To Order 4100 Low-emission Trucks in '06

ATLANTA, Georgia, Feb 16 (Reuters) - United Parcel Service Inc. said on Thursday it will order 50 hybrid electric delivery vehicles and acquire 4,100 low-emission vehicles during 2006 as part of a strategy to cut costs.
"We are working on the same assumption as most of the rest of the world that oil is not going to last forever," UPS fleet environment manager Robert Hall told Reuters. "As the world changes we are going to need to deliver our packages in a fuel-efficient manner."
The Atlanta, Georgia-based company said each of the 50 hybrid electric vehicles, or HEVs, will save some 44,000 gallons of fuel annually.
Apart from emitting 16,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide annually, the 4,100 low-emission trucks are also 15 percent more fuel-efficient and will save UPS 1.5 million gallons per year, the company said.
UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, has a global fleet of around 91,000 vehicles.
The company would not disclose how much the new trucks will cost, but spokesman Norman Black said the HEVs generally cost twice as much as ordinary trucks.
"But the idea is to recoup that investment through fuel savings," he said.
The HEVs will reduce UPS' emissions by 457 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.
A hybrid vehicle replaces a conventional engine with a small fuel-efficient diesel engine that acts as a generator providing energy for batteries and drive motors that power the vehicle.
The vehicles also contain regenerative braking, by which the energy generated from slowing or stopping the truck is captured and stored in the vehicle's battery.
The HEVs will be produced by International Truck and Engine, which is the primary operating subsidiary of Navistar International , and Freightliner LLC. The majority of the low-emission vehicles will be made by Freightliner LLC.


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I hope these hybrids aren't boasting the same incredible mileage that civilian cars are. It has been found that these cars aren't getting anywhere near the mileage that they promise, and the cost of the vehicle will never be recouped by fuel savings. If it gets any more congested in LA, we'll have to bring back the pony express.


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sendagain said:
I hope these hybrids aren't boasting the same incredible mileage that civilian cars are. It has been found that these cars aren't getting anywhere near the mileage that they promise, and the cost of the vehicle will never be recouped by fuel savings. If it gets any more congested in LA, we'll have to bring back the pony express.
In Virginia hybrids are starting to create real problems for the HOV lanes. Seems as a incentive to buy hybrids people were allowed to use the hov lanes with only one person in the car. This was supposed to have ended but has been extended and and now the hov lanes are clogged just like the regular lanes. Leave it to the politicians.


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UPS Once Again ''America's Most Admired''
Tuesday February 21, 5:38 pm ET
ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2006--UPS today was rated "America's Most Admired" company in its industry in an annual survey conducted by FORTUNE magazine.
The company also ranked in the Top 10 across all of corporate America in seven of the eight criteria used by the magazine to rank companies, including a No. 1 ranking for social responsibility for the third straight year.
UPS was ranked No. 2 in the United States for "product quality." It was rated No. 3 in each of the categories of "best use of assets" and "financial soundness." And it ranked No. 5 for "people management;" No. 6 for "management quality," and No. 9 for "long term investment."
In the FORTUNE rankings for the Delivery Industry, UPS was rated No. 1 with a composite score of 8.54 on a 10-point scale, almost six-tenths of a point ahead of its nearest competitor. UPS has been ranked No. 1 in its industry for 22 of the last 23 years.
FORTUNE conducts the annual survey in cooperation with the Hay Group, which this year surveyed 10,000 executives, directors and securities analysts. Each was asked to rate companies in their own industry on the eight criteria from investment value to social responsibility. The 10,000 then were asked in a separate survey to name their Top 20 without regard to industry, and UPS was rated No. 13 in that ranking.
UPS, which has built one of the world's best known brands, operates in more than 200 countries and territories around the world and has been widely recognized in recent years for significantly expanding its supply chain capabilities and continuing its long tradition of social responsibility. UPS's stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (UPS) and the company can be found on the Web at


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Who was going to SELL when UPS hit 80 bucks a share??? Well, UPS hit $80.03 today and I was just wondering if that triggered a sell for those ready to quit at 80???:cool:


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I think that the certain poster who said she would sell at eighty only changed her name!