sheeting in packages before commit-time

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    I have been air driving for almost two years now. I work at a small airport and there are limited number of diad boards available, so usually i end up with one of the old diad 3 boards. But on my lucky days i get a diad 4 and find that i can enter all the address info and scan the package before the stop to make a commit time that i may be a few minutes late to. Other drivers tell me they do this as well. Is this frowned upon? I have never been told NOT to do it, nor do i see how this would be deviating from proper methods. I've heard rumors that this is a UPS no-no. But as far as i see it, it is not an error on my part, but an error on the diad 4's.
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    I've done it a few times myself but usually when they send me to other drivers who had an air misload that are 10 minutes away with 15 minutes left before the commit time ends. I thought that you have to be in signature mode for it to lock in the time it was scanned rather than the time it was delivered. I haven't heard of it being frowned upon. I think that the center would rather not have late airs haha.
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    As long as you don't stop complete the package before you get to the destination, you're ok in my mind. As long as it's only a couple minutes I will add too......You may still be wrong for not getting the package on time by 10:30 or whenever your commit time is, but I don't recall any rules stating you can't scan a package whenever you want before hand
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    Please refer to the thread "UPS Driver Terminated Using GPS Info".
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    I also might add that it's NOT really an error in DIAD 4 because of the following reason...If you get to a Walmart at 10:25 and scan the NDA and hand to the dockworker, and continue scanning and delivering 100 more ground packages and then finally stop complete everything by 10:35, well technically you "shouldn't" be late because of the time it was stop completed...That's why the DIAD does not consider it late when you scan it before 10:30 and stop complete it afterwards.....And of course it would be senseless to have them sign the DIAD "twice" during that process
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    You are 15 minutes away from a stop and the commit time is in 8. You scan the package well away from the stop to lock in the time. Sounds like an integrity issue to me. I would be careful if you choose to do this. If you cannot make service on your commit pieces, let your center team know.
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    Either diad will time stamp the stop as soon as 3 packages are sheeted. No one will say anything to you until a customer complains that they had packages that showed delivery before the driver walked in the door. My wife ships quite a few NDAs and has complained about this very thing. It's an integrity issue that could cost UPS an account and could cost you your job.

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    As we sometimes say down south, You fellas are fix'n to step in some deep water.
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    Yes, it's true, the DIAD 4 does not consider that an error as I found out once when I delivered to a stop that had 115 NDA's, all huge boxes which totally cubed a P5. You can also go into the signature screen before 10:30 and complete the stop well after 10:30 due to the fact that you may have had trouble obtaining a signature.

    But the issue in your OP was stop completing NDA's before you actually get to the stop. That is probably a no-no, as it is falsifying driver records and all that.

    But that's not to say that everyone hasn't done it once in a while . . .
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Once before PAS/EDD and before we had GPS I was running NDAs as an Air Driver and I had had a NDA that was the correct street name but was a "Ct" instead of "Drive." The package was supposed to go to the other side of town so I knew it would be late. When I sent a message to the center telling them about it our On Car sup called me and told me that I could scan it and push driver release and chose where (it was front door) but not to push stop complete until I actually arrived at the house. I didn't want to do it but he assured me it wouldn't register as late. I pulled up to the house at 10:35 and pushed the stop complete button and the dreaded late air menu didn't come up. So, basically I drove from one side of town to the other with the DIAD set to where the only thing I needed to do was push the stop complete button to finish the stop. Now, which is 4 years later, I would not do that. What if the customer had complained? I seriously doubt the sup would have had my back even though he told me to do it. I got lucky because the customer wasn't even home. If anyone tried that now the GPS would go crazy as soon as the package is scanned. Maybe the customer would be waiting for it at 10:30.....maybe not. It's not worth the risk. I think this is one of those examples of where we don't have to "work as directed" because that isn't going to save our buts when the supervisor later pretends that he/she never told us to falsify.
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    Follow the methods, pull up to the stop take the key out of the ignition, open the bulk head door grab the package close bulk head door and scan as your delivering. I have never represented someone for following the methods!
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    I talked to a driver the other day. Got to a multi piece stop, scanned the next days at 10:29 or so and kept scanning and unloading. After 10:30 he gets a message on the Diad, which kicks him out of the stop, thus causing the air packages to show up late. Get the signature for the air. Stop complete. Scan the ground. Dupe stop. New signature. The correct way always takes the longest.
  13. soberups

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    We recently had a driver terminated for doing exactly what you describe. You need to stop. Now. Your management will ignore what you are doing as long as it is making them look good on paper, but if Loss Prevention ever caught wind of it they will turn around and fire your ass for dishonesty.
  14. dilligaf

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    If you have any doubt about what you are doing the best course of action is to STOP doing it. Do you really want to throw away your job for doing something wrong?
  15. Jim Kemp

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    This is how we were "Instructed" to do it when we have to many nda, which is almost everyday.
    I would say I do it four days out of five. But as I said we were "Instructed" to do it with about 40 witnesses.
  16. brown67

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    The DIAD has two time stamps. One for when you scanned it the other for when the stop was completed. All a sup has to do is check to see when you scanned and when you completed to see if you are falsifying your records. Add GPS and you're toast. By the way falsiying records is an automatic termination.
    We had a supervisor fired at my center for telling a driver to dr a package before he got there. Customer was tracking package and called in a complaint. Lucky for the driver there was a witness for what the supervisor did or he could have been hung out to dry by the supervisor.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Yep, its much better to do it by the book. Another situation that I see in our center that could come back to haunt some drivers concerns missed packages. Our sups will tell drivers in private to "give the package to the ECS clerk" instead of sheeting a business that is closed after 5:00. Or to sheet as NI1 and select "Residential" for the type of stop. They also want us to give misloads to the ECS clerk or sheet as NSN instead of delivering them if it will put us over 9.5. This is risky business and most supervisors will tell drivers these things in private but won't hesitate to throw them under the bus when a customer complains. When I was a newbie I did what they asked but have come pretty close to getting burned for it. Now I sheet as missed without a second thought or just go ahead and deliver those misloads whether it will put me over 9.5 or not. Well, most of the time I do. I need the money anyway.
  18. xkingx

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    negative, you can get terminated for that..had a guy get fired for it..he got his job back only to get fired once more for doing it again...falsfying records in that situation...
    not saying ive never done it before but i do NOT do it anymore even if mngmnt were to ask me2...

    I also was in a screen delivering a bulk stop with air when I got a message from OMS asking where a customer could meet me..Kicked me out the screen so the air came up late..I called OMS 2 let them know and they were fine with it...
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    OMS messages cause me to screw up a stop just about every day. It's getting out of hand. They haven't caused me to have late air yet but it's just annoying to be approaching a house and right when I'm about to start DRing the package a message pops up. It's also annoying when I'm about to start the signature process and the customer has to wait on me to respond to the message. They get annoyed too if they are in the middle of a phone call dealing with their own customers and have put them on hold to sign for the package.
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