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    Just last week our shop steward quit and no one else wants it...He went in to a meeting with the labor guy and BA where we all got screwed over pay for grievances...some guys were owed 14&15 hours of pay and came away with 1-2 hours of pay...Shop steward said the BA just sat there and agreed to everything the labor guy proposed...Our shop steward walked out of the meeting. Now we have no representation...I contacted the BA to let him know and he said he would talk to shop steward...he never did and I try contacting him again and now he wont respond back to me...?????? What is going on with this BA and what can we do??? We have grievances to file with no representation.
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    You don't need representation to file, just a grievance form. Call the hall explain the situation and have them mail you some forms. Then attend the next union meeting and voice your concerns on this issue. Did everyone sign off on these grievances agreeing to the penalty paid?
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    No just the BA and labor guy. The BA new our steward was :censored2: and told him he would personally talk to the guys who got screwed. Guess what he did...he left without talking to anyone. The steward even texted him their phone numbers and he still hadn't talked to anyone.
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    Its because UPS has the union in their back pocket. We (drivers) in my center have discussions all the time about how weak the union has gotten. UPS does whatever it wants with no or very little consequences. Excessive OT, discipline for not meeting Orion miles and performance and whatever else the flavor of the week is. All I can say is that I hope this new contract gets passed, because I wouldn't be surprised if UPS tells us after peak that we don't need you and just keep the reg temps on to drive.
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    Doesn't sound like it was settled in the proper way, we always have the opportunity to be present during hearings of grievances we file. If it was a grievance I filed I'd be calling the hall and asking why this happened. If I didn't get a response I'd be sure to have them all attend the next meeting and ask for answers then on record.
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    The steward seemed like it was all prearranged. That's why he walked out
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    I'd be at the next union meeting with everyone who wrote grievances asking for answers.
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    When the BA came a few months ago everything was settled to everyone. This time UPS didn't even pay half of what was owed and the BA just sat there and agreed to everything. Then left without explaining anything to anybody...such a coward!
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    I'm not defending your BA, but what types of grievances are you talking about? Are they supervisors working (Art 3, Sec 17) or pay discrepancy grievances (Art 17)? If they were the former, did the members accurately record/state the times supervisors were working, with witnesses?

    Most of the time, a business agent is going to have a percentage he'll be willing to settle a supervisors working grievance at without taking it to panel; the incentive here for the union is to get the grievance settled without having to pay the filing fee to get it on the docket. The incentive for the labor manager is to settle the grievance for the least amount of cost for the company and avoid setting any new precedents that might favor the union. The wiggle room in between are the actual merits of the grievance; ie. is a supervisor being written up for the 5-10 minute period it might take to cover a bathroom (not a regular 10 minute relief period) break, a supervisor being written up for clearing an egress in a truck, did the company exhaust the doubles list in calling employees in when short-staffed, was there an "Act of God" (belt burned out, weather delays caused by sleet or snow, etc.), etc. There's also the strength of the case itself and how well it might hold up at panel, including verifiable witnesses and a pattern of similar behavior from management.

    That being said, unless the BA was handling a stack of grievances that consisted of piss breaks and the occasional jam break, then settling for what amounts to 10% of the requested remedy is bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
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    Unfortunately a lot of individuals are inexperienced in real life Big Union /Big Business relations and politics.

    The reality is that sometimes settling for pennies on the dollar for grievances is an unfortunate reality .

    There situations that have existed that if you don't accept an offer for pennies on the dollar that the Local Officials are presenting to you from one of their side bar other room discussions with management then you subject yourself and your members to alienation from the very officials who are on your side and recommending that you take the deal.

    The last thing a good steward wants to do is to anything that would alienate him or his members from the very Union officials who have the most influence on the management levels that can address grievances.

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    there are alot of locals out there where the old guard union reps are plump from years of doing nada. the result is this-they are in ups pocket . these people make $100-200k a year--of our money,and need to be held accountable. there is only one way to fix it-vote them out. we did it in 804. the first few years are rough, but we have turned the corner,and the results are showing. work together,call center meetings-get folks on same page. find new leaders , and put a slate together--wish you luck . change is good
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    I agree the democratic process must prevail but once the Officials are voted in solidarity must be shown by supporting the elected leadership.

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    My biggest problem with this is the BA saying he would talk to everyone, then sneaking out and not taking phone calls.
    Everyone of you guys should call the local president and let him know how :censored2: off you are.
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    Not even you ? Sounds like an opportunity....

    Maybe.... your BA had other things scheduled. Verify that.... before you throw him under the bus.

    Again.... there are always 2 sides to the story.


    PiedmontSteward.... summed it up.

    The "quality" of the the grievance is a factor. And sometimes.... there is a "diminishing point of return".

    Your BA.... has to look out for your interest, uphold the contract, and protect the Local. It's not an easy hat to wear.

    Don't be so quick to point the finger. Get all the facts.

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    What's the local??
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    Actually bug in most instances there are three sides to these stories.
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    This the problem I am seeing within our local unions, with UPS not resprocity this makes it very difficult for anyone from UPS from being a BA. All we are starting to get now is a bunch of non UPS BA's that don't know or care how their UPS member's are getting treated because after all they are getting paid $33.07 or more an hour plus benefits and pension. They along with most of the current management have never hustled packages or could carless about us. ALL BOTH SIDES WANT IS ARE MONEY PERIOD !!!!!! The union does not want UPS BA's because it hurt there control over the money. The company does not want UPS BA's because they don't want there dirty tactics called out on the table. WE LOSE BOTH WAY'S! !
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    Get involved. Kind of like blaming our government about problems when we consistently send the same people back to screw it up for 2/4 years. You can control how your local operates by getting involved. When a local gets to cocky or complacent it's the members job to remind them who they work for.
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    One thing I did learn from the TDU site was that two people in our local are making more than $150K annually. That's a lot of coin for what little I see changing for the better in our hub.
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    Depends on where you are at.

    Some people do Not want to get involved and get a big red target on their back.
    Some people do not have time to get involved, and this is why we PAY union dues to do this. Well for these BA's that are slacking. Most stewards donate their time.

    The difference between the Gov and the Union is the Gov takes our money, we pay union dues. Oh wait I guess that is only RTW states....