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  1. Hangingon

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    Our center manager has decided that our shop steward is no longer allowed to enter the building before 730 am. He was apparently catching and filing grievances on too many instances of supervisors working, so the center manager decided if he doesn't see them doing it he can't file. We are waiting to see what happens since their is no restriction on any other drivers entering it seems a bit discriminatory.
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    so if your steward cant come in then why don't you or others file some grievances?
  3. MonavieLeaker

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    ^ The truth
  4. Hangingon

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    We actually do, but the present steward has pushed the envelope far more then any other steward we have had has. He was coming in at 5 or 6 am, earlier then any other FTer to check on who was doing what. Most of the PTers will not file any grievances about sups working since they have seen the retaliation that comes from doing so. We're waiting to see if the center manager wins this battle or if the union steps in to allow their representative free access to the workplace.
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    That should be a violation of the contract. A B/A has as much right to be on property as anyone of us. I know we have that in our contract. You may want to check your contract and then greive that!!!!
  6. Same thing happened at my center, the center manager told our shop steward he couldnt come in before 730. He is one of my drivers and he would come in at around 630 to go through his truck. He is filing 2 grievances one for discrimination against a steward and one for race because he is black and she is allowing "white" drivers in early to go through their trucks.
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    Been there, done that. I have done this and I'm not a steward or a business agent. They can't ban anyone from the property as long as they have hordes of braindead drivers going in early to sort through their trucks and listen to PCM's off the clock. It becomes a clear cut case of discrimination, regardless of race, against the person being banned from property.
  8. New Englander

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    Is there not a Part-Time Steward on that shift? If there is the full-timer really has no business being there at 5am.

    The Part-timer should be filing if its such a problem.
  9. Coldworld

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    ok, wouldnt it be easier, and more cost effective to hire another loader. Ups continues to cry about money, but continues to do counterproductive makes no f'ing sense. step over the dollar to grab the penny, over, and over, and over again. Can someone explain why this is happening, tired, soooo tired. Heres an idea, maybe ups mgt should have the same incentives as the fedex managers, where if they dont make a passing grade with the people they manage they get no bonus, or theyre gone.
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    At least you have a shop steward. Seriously our shop steward has been bought off by management. Our Stewart gets all the days off road he wants (inside work), Gets an automatic package car, Goes out with less than 50 stops a day. In return he has to keep the drivers at bay and make sure that everyone signs all documents like the 1/2 hour lunch thing. Our Steward was first in line to sign it. I just tell everyone I know, Were a non-union center. I'm not kidding people.
  11. trplnkl

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    Then vote him out as steward, replace him with someone with integrity and balls. Above all, read your contract, learn your rights.
  12. IWorkAsDirected

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    I agree "step up" it would be easy to replace him. Talk to your ba.
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    Talk to your BA or the president of your union. The union steward is a rep of the union. He has every right to enter the building to investigate grievances. If the center manager does not comply, have the union go to the labor board for this is a violation of the agreed upon contract. Let the center manager know that he is in violation, give him a chance to rectify, then go on to higher channels if needed.
  14. hopspur

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    What is this about a 30 min meal? We take a full hour and a 10 min break. I'm the steward at my centerand i've never heard of this. Is it contractually legal?
  15. feeder53

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    At most of the places I have worked, There have been rules that nobody is to be on the business property any earlier than 10 minutes before his shift as it distracts the other workers and it opens the company for a WC case if some one gets hurt, be it the guy coming in early or the workers on duty. If I have an issue, I need only to report it to my shop steward and let him handle it.
  16. J4hnD22r

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    what's the big deal with a supervisor helping out for a little bit? i heard there was a grievance filed at our hub for a supervisor 'working'...

    i'm 34 and this is the first union job i've ever had and I just can't understand some of the thinking...
  17. Hangingon

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    Generally there isn't too much complaining about sups working if it is an especially heavy day, and if it is the exception not the rule. The problem comes in when they send people home early then decide the volume is so heavy they now need all the PT sups to sort and shift. Their numbers don't get counted against the center and suddenly you've hit your mar.
    The same goes for if they make a habit of doing hourly work, now everyone works fewer hours and gets paid less, or a position that could have been filled by a new hire is left vacant.
  18. Mike Hawk

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    Your lunch varies by contract, here it is just half hour mandatory lunch, but you can take up to an hour if you wish.
  19. UPS Lifer

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    Supervisor working issues were always a pet peeve of mine. I disagree with supervisors working PERIOD! There is nothing to be gained from a supervisor working. I disciplined supervisors working and I still had some part time sups try and do it behind my back! I actually freed up the stewards to police the operation for me. I know it sounds crazy for an ex-management person to say this but following the contract is the right thing to do. Non-mgmt folks are not our enemy and we need to enforce the contract. You can't very well do that if you are breaking it yourself!

    If a supervisor does his/her job - there is no need to work and the quality and performance will be better.

    Why? Because the supervisor will be able to dispatch the folks to the right areas that need help and hold the folks accountable to performance and misload indices.

    If the staffing is not correct - it is easier to justify if you can show that the folks are performing the way they should.
  20. 1989

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    Totally agree lifer, I went from 66% effective with 2 supes working (we always submitted a timecard when we worked) to about 94% effective with no supes working. (FT sup at that time didn't want to go over 95%) And was able to stop drivers from working off the clock by working with the stewards and the ba.