Shopping (Union or Non-Union)?

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    This is a carry over from the sunscreen thread. The argument has been posed because some BC members said they had shopped at WalMart, and others said they shouldn't shop at a non-union establishment. What do you think? When you shop, do you check to make sure that the store is union, treats their employees well or is even sympathetic to employee needs, or does it matter? Does it matter how "green" a store is? Will you avoid a store because of its reputation in dealing with its employees?

    What if there are no stores in your area that are union shops? How do you decide where you shop?
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    just one question steve...its 1039 on the west 139 am in florida...right??Do you
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    My next thread will answer that question, LOL.
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    I will always try to either shop at a union store (Fred Meyer/Kroger's) or else a small, independent, locally owned shop.

    I also shop at Costco. They arent union but they have excellent wages and benefits, I know people who work there and they say it is a great place to work.

    I absolutely refuse for any reason to shop at WalMart. I would rather sandpaper a pitbulls butt in a phone booth than to shop there.
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    Actually, doing a little research, Costco is 18% union. Because of such, it has created a ripple effect throughout the company, providing better wages, etc. to everyone in the company.

    Here is the article if your interested:

    Makes me happy I shop at Costco :happy2:.
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    Costco here in SNE is Teamsters Local 25, at least in part.
  7. UnsurePost

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    I personally weigh my shopping as such:

    2)company reputation - quality, the store/experience itself, work staff
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    When you only have three choices and none are union, you base on rep and price.
    I drink Coors beer (non union), I will not drink Bud (union). That's about the only non vs union comparison I can think of right now.
    However, at this point in time I still live in America and no one is going to dictate who I can or can not do business with.
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    My choices are limited to WalMart and Target for basic consumer needs. I try to shop at our local stores if possible but most times I have to go to one or the other for items that these stores do not carry. The concern as to whether they are union or not does not enter the equation and, as Tex said, no one is going to dictate who I can or cannot do business with.
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    I keep it simple - go for cheapest if comparable quality.

    If the same goods - I go for cheapest price if convenient and people are friendly.
    Shop at Kroger, Publix and WalMart for groceries on a weekly basis.
    Kroger has the least friendly so I go through self-check to not deal with those jerks there.

    Shop at Dilliards for clothes and housegoods usually at 50% or more off.

    Gas - at Sam's. Usually 7-8 cents less per gallon and at Kroger where I get 10 cents off per gallon based on what I bought the previous and this month.

    Mostly buy if I can off the Internet where things are generally cheaper, no taxes and usually no shipping.
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    Wal-mart is about 2 minutes from our house so we tend to go there. I am not going to google a company to find out if they're union or not. I go for convenience.
  13. Just Numbers

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    It's simple...if you want to save money and get the best price go non-union. It's cheaper.
  14. trplnkl

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    not always.
  15. Just Numbers

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    Your correct but, let's face it. It is cheaper most of the time.
  16. Livin the Dream?

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    I shop wherever is convenient, that has acceptable quality, and an acceptable price.

    There are other considerations - Usually if a store touts how environmentally friendly, green, good to the environment they are, they'll plant a tree if I buy a hoagie, I avoid it completely. My lunchtime is to inhale food, not to be preached to.

    Lighting, color of floor tiles, how cute the checkout girls are, etc. All considerations. Whether it is a union shop or not was not even on the list till now, and it is below all of them.
  17. mattwtrs

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    I try to patronize locally owned small businesses. Because I delivered to most every business in the 4 county area over the years they became my friends.

    Long before the big box stores came to the area these people treated me well so I continue to patronize them.

    Only the 1 grocery store is a union store in my area.
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    If the union cares about members shopping at WalMart, how 'bout they go in and organize it????

    (I went to WalMart yesterday too!)
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    Stopped at Walmart this morn for a B-Day card. Who else is open at 7:30 AM. Most of our groceries we buy at the union Piggly Wiggly. Costco is 45 minutes away but considering a membership.
  20. dilligaf

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    I am fully aware of the 'ban' on shopping at Walmart. We are a small community and few choices as to where to shop at. I shop local if at all possible. I support my local Ace Hardware (should own stock in them). I shop at Home Depot (same as above). I will shop at Walmart (it is the farthest away from the house) but I try to minimize it. Usually doesn't work that way though.

    I wish we had a Costco close. The closest one is an hour away. If we had a Target or K-Mart I would shop there.