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    I'm just curious because I'm new and keep getting dicked around with this question. I was hired last year as a seasonal hire and was kept on after season so I've been there a year. I broke my hand last week and was told by my sup to file for disability. But when I talked to my union rep they said my health benefits weren't active until 12 months after my probation period. So if I don't have health insurance am I not eligible for disability pay?
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    call your union office to verify. That blows. I hope it works out well in the end for you.
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    STD is not the same as your health benefits.

    Call the union.
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    If it was on the job, WC would the way to go?
  5. Bryan846

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    It was off the job. I'm just trying to figure out if I'm eligible for pay still
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    Stop asking your steward. Go to your FT sup and ask him for the 800 number to file for STD. You call and verify your info and they will transfer you to Aetna...where a caseworker will ask for your doctor's info and start your claim. Let the insurance company tell you that you don't qualify (I'm not sure if you do)....not your steward.
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    call your union office. In my area you get short term disability threw the union...
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    yeah I am in this now... my STD is administered by my health insurance admin .. they are the people that are paying me to get over an off-job injury.
    If they put you on STD, you will need to fax them your appointment times etc and after the appointment you need to fax, right away, the proposed return to work date (with or without working limitations). If there is no proposed return to work date signed by your doctor, you will not get paid. Beware though that there is usually a ten day lagtime between what you fax them and when you get paid. Spend wisely while on STD.
    BTW since it is off job, you will not be allowed to return to any UPS work until you get a 100% clear from your doctor.
    Oh... depending on your area.. an emergency (one time doctor) will not suffice as, "under the care of a physician".. you need to have a start appointment and followup with the same doctor.
    Perhaps most importantly.. you need to contact, as soon as possible, HRSC in order to keep your job.. to set up a case number. They need all of your faxes too. Their number is 855-877-4772.
    To start and stay on STD you have two jobs.. contact HRSC and keep them apprised of your progress etc... that keeps your UPS job intact. And you need to be in contact with your union/healthcare admin, to get paid for your STD.
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    Broke your hand on the job? Then it's workman's comp. On your own time, it's another story. BUT NO BENNY'S TILL A YEAR LATER???
    Double check into that! Triple check! Things will sometimes differ from state to state. You can also encounter problems at the 6 month mark. Short term disability, to Long Term. Being cleared for work, in the opinion of your doctor and the company doctor. It seems, even though UPS is outta the healthcare biz, UPS can still cause problems to your healthcare coverage. Things take awhile sometimes to get the correct info. Good luck