Shorted holiday pay - Worked on a holdiday

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    I was asked to work May 25th (Memorial Day) and I did. In our agreement, if you work the day before and after the holiday you will be paid double time.
    After we received the checks the next week, it was shorted. The next evening everyone in our area received the shortage on a different check. However, when going through the figures it was still short so I filed a grievance.
    This is stated in our supplement - which is what I used as a reference for wage claims.
    "Failing to agree, the shop steward shall promptly submit the written grievance on a proper grievance form to management and the union. This report must be submitted within ten (10) working days of the alleged violation. For the purpose of this Article, the written grievance must be punched on the center time clock for verification of proper dates.
    Wage claims will only go back for a period of sixty (60) calendar days from the date the employer was notified of such claim."
    Since it was within the 60 calendar days I filed a grievance regarding the shorted pay.
    Since it is a wage claim - then it is the "within the 60 calendar days" rule correct? I referenced Art. 8, Sec. 2, Art. 15, Sec.4, Art. 17 and all others that may apply. I was going to use the supplement statement as my ace in the whole at the grievance hearing. There wasn't a hearing. I had to ask my steward the status of my grievance. The steward claimed the company denied it as it was past the 10 day rule.
    So, I believe I'm correct with the 60 calendar rule for wage claims. (Time actually worked).
    So, as you read the supplement I should have gotten paid shortage and my steward is grossly incorrect and is not fighting for me. He is still claiming the 10 day rule. I'm claiming it's a wage claim. Please let me know what you think. I'm sick and tired of this steward not going to bat for the workers. (He will stand and not say a word when you have him called over) - he does this to everyone - it's getting kind of old. Stewards are selected by the union hall - so don't ask me to be a steward - the hall has certain people they want "representing" us. We're one of the locals where 10 people may show up for a meeting. The only SRO meeting was the one about the insurance fiasco.
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    so when did you actually file?
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    Grievances has to be filed within 10 days of discrepancy, but you can go back 60 days from filing date to claim pay was wrong. Your steward is right. Grievance not timely.
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    He spent more time writing this than trying to get his money.
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    July 20th
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    Then why couldn't the steward explain. Now I understand that the last sentence is confusing. It was written so people would not file on time for wage shortages. I know now. Thanks for your help with this. So, you have to file in 10 days - but the shortages can go back for 60 days.
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    Getting something clarified is always worth the effort. At least, now I understand about shortages on pay and that is valuable to me.
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    How long have you been with the company? You wouldn't get the holiday pay until you hit a year.