Should I File Agrievements?

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    sorry for the title typo......meant to say a grievence..lulz

    Here's the story.

    We had a lady who use to work in the office, and every year she would post paperwork on the break room door around september with the seniority dates of people, everyone was put into group a, b, or c with certain dates to tell you when you needed to come into the office and choose your vacations.

    Well, she was moved to preload over the summer, and this list was never put out. Instead they gave a paper to every pt supe to give out to their employees which we are to write the week dates we want and turn it in. Well, I never got mine, and around December. I confronted my FP manager about it and she printed me out the paperwork. I picked the dates I wanted, and turned it back in. This was in the beginning of Jan.

    Tonight, she had the paper returned to me with one of the weeks circled and a little note saying " too many people " choose new week...

    I confronted her about it, and I said, well it's really not my fault that I did not get the paperwork, it's not my fault I turned it in late. She said, well it's not my fault that too many people have that week. I asked her if anyone with less seniority than me has that week, and she said, that doesn't matter, you turned yours in late. I again, said, that wasn't my fault, I did not get the paper.

    Who is in the wrong? Me for not getting it ontime and turning it in late? or her for not honoring my seniority?

    Should I file tomorrow?
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    You should have filed today!!! Thats just a pile of crap. They need to give you your week or do the whole thing all over again!
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    Not just yes, but hell yeah!

    Question to people who know stuff:

    What would end up happening? Would they really have to redo the whole bid? If the lower seniority guys already paid for flights, made arrangements etc, they shouldn't get screwed over either because management F'ed up.
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    Why would you even ask that???? Picking vacations is one of the perks of higher seniority. I would talk to my shop steward 1st thing.
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    They didn't hit me with this until the end of the night, and the SS isn't there at that hour :(, but I am tomorrow
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    Just wanted the reassurance
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    Thanks guys!
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    yes, file.
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    Allowed vacation weeks (like wages) are minimums. The employer is responsible to poll employees in seniority order. See a steward.
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    If your manager was smart she would give you the weeks you deserve by senority and double shift when short.
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    Short and Sweet, I like it !
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    Yeah, she isn't too bright, she kind of blew me off about it, so now she might have to redo the whole thing.
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    Come on guys don't confuse him
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    Before I turned the world upside down, I would verify that someone with less seniority does have that week(s).
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    Of course, If they have higher than me, I will gladly back down, and pick another week, but I really feel lower people do have it because like I said I asked her if anyone with less seniority has it, and she quickly said...oh that doesn't matter, you turned yours in late meanwhile she is very well aware that I did not get it on time as she printed it out for me last month.
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    How many people would have to select again? We are always short during summer vacations and have to double shift. At $8.50 an hour and no benefits that is your problem.
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    If they find more than just my error, they would probably make her do everyone on my shift over again.

    You kind of lost me with the $8.50 and no benefits..
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    Sorry, Ment to say that she would have no problem filling your spot for that week.