Should I quit and go to school or just embrace my job

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  1. Hello. I've been at ups for over 9 years now. F/t for 7 of them. In our contract I believe were 25.11. I do ramp/preload.

    I become less happy all the time with my job. They just switched everything around on the ramp again and put me with a crew of about 8 other people that all hate each other and just want to get each other in trouble. This just really sends me a signal that I want to leave.

    I'm also worried about safety at this job. I have a fear of heights and climbing up and down ladders in the middle of winter really bothers me. We also had someone killed at our center by a feeder. The driver was actually kicked out of another center for being a bad driver and they thought sending him to us would cure the problem.

    I struggle to sleep during the day and a few hours before work I start having a panic attack. I have anxiety problems and it makes it tough to go into work.

    I have talked with the union and anyone else and found no way back to part time.

    I'm tempted to sell my house and move back in with my parents so I can go to college. We have a community college right here in town. I wonder how I would get insurance and wasn't sure if some colleges offer some kind of discount plan for it too. If not I would have to go work at a grocery store in town that offers insurance which really isn't what i want to do.

    I don't know if I should just embrace the job and make the best of it or get out now. I'm 27 and would like to make a choice soon. I would enjoy working on computers but I've heard there really isn't a lot of money in it now. Even a basic job like geek squad I would be taking over a 10$ /hour pay cut just to start out.

    I don' really know what I want to do. If I really want to quit and go to college I don't even know what i want to take.

    Any advice from some long time upsers? Wish you would of done something different? Or is there really anything better for a working class citizen like me?

  2. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    You cant beat the pay and benefiets hang in there kid, work safe
  3. Come on!...Come on!...seriously COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! Do you actually know how many p/t ers would kill for your combo ive got two yrs less than you and have never been offered ft and your job at my hub takes a minimum of 14 yrs to obtain. Honestly i think its for a trip to the glue factory Mr Ed
    P.S. you make me sick and from what ive heard you can not go back to the doldrums of p/t
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    And when he says that you "make him sick,"
    he says it with love and respect for the job you do.
  5. DeputyDip

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    If things are really this bad, you should listen to your body, it's trying to tell you something...
  6. old brown shoe

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    At your age you should make up your mind soon as you are not getting any younger. Are you willing to put in at least 21 more years to get to retierment and is there any chance that you can move to any other work with UPS? It is always a love hate relationship at UPS and the strongest survive. The way the economy is going right now I would hold on tight to any good job. Good luck and I hope you make the right decision for you.:peaceful:
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    If school is something you are really looking into then maybe it is better to go that route. Take advantage of the earn and learn. When you are done you can apply your degree. That way you will never wonder what it could have been like. Good luck!
  8. leastbest

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    Leave now and good luck.

    I've never met anyone who regretted leaving this place.

  9. DorkHead

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    You should take 2 weeks off, then quit.
  10. DS

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    George20,people will take you more seriously if you join the bc.but anyway....
    Staying at ups may be the best for you.Things always change,and chances are 50/50 that new people will come along and make it easier.
    On the other hand,moving in with mom again is probobly a step down.
    Leastbest has his banjo and seems to think we all had the opportunity to stash away money for our retirement,but alas, some of us are just getting by.If you keep working,you can pay off that house via ups instead of mooching off mom while working at the apple store or smoothies r us.
  11. dillweed

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    I know well the feeling of panic prior to going to work at UPS. I've thrown up on the way in and cried on the way home. It's not at all an easy place to work. Not only is it physically demanding, it takes a toll on your head. The games will never stop.

    I've had good positions for several years at a time, then they change things around and I'm right back to panic until remembering to work as best I can, not they best they want me to.

    You're still plenty young to get out but, like someone said, the economy really stinks right now and you do have a good, secure job.

    Have you considered starting school part time in the evenings? Not a full load, just one or two classes? It would be the path to escape while keeping the secure position. The crap at work may not affect you so badly when you remember that you're crawling out one class at a time.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide.
  12. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Interesting story!

    Long story short, I was working in computer repair/network stuff from 20-22 y/o making a good 24/hr before I started working at UPS. The work was tedious and the travel was extensive. I started working at UPS part-time to get benefits ( they were expensive working for a small co) and after 2 years quit the job I had.

    Now I'm a 22.3 after 7 years with the company, 5 part time.

    We took opposite paths I guess.

    I suggest you do whatever makes you happy. Life is too short to miss opportunities and have regrets. The main problem is you're making fine money considering the talent and brains the job(s) entails.

    If you're really intelligent and have talent, plus you are really at "the breaking point" - it's probably better you seek alternate paths.

    You're only 27 years old, too. It's not like you're 45 and trying to change paths, which is fine as well, but you're still at an age where you're developing yourself and your skills.

    Do what makes you happy. The money and success will come with time and work, just like it did with UPS.

    I only stuck with this work because it allows me to go home at night and live my life and do what I want to do while making a living. I'm not on call 24/7, don't have paperwork at home, don't have to travel 100 miles a day. i'm a private music instructor and having weekends off is perfect!

    Anyway, if you felt you had to post what you did, then you're probably unhappy and should figure out what you REALLY want to do with your life!
  13. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Give it a rest, he didn't come here to be crucified....full-time at UPS is horrid, but it pays well, be lucky you only do 4 or whatever hours. Have a nice night.
  14. brownmonster

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  15. brownmonster

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    Sounds like you should think of moving on. Remember, it's just boxes.
  16. leastbest

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    I don't think everyone has money stashed away. One thing I do know is that the job never gets better. People are treated like farm animals and if he can get out and get a degree, go for it.

    I had to drive for thirty years before I got power steering. I put up with too much and I don't blame anyone but myself. Things are good now but I have over thirty years driving.

    I recommend to anyone to get an education and look for a career because you will age and they will never let up.
  17. irish5569

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    go to school
  18. Nitelite

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    I'll sell you my degree since I am not using it :)
  19. barrycold

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    If you quit there is no way going back. There's somebody that is going to want your job if you do decide to leave. Why not work and go to school part time at the same time.
  20. hyena

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    I would try to stick it out. Youve been here to long to quit. I know how it is to go from a good paying job to a minimum wage job, it sucks. Although I did find UPS which was my salvation. Ill tell you if you only knew all the stuff that came at me about six months ago. I was so close to quitting. I didnt want to come to work at all I was miserable, from the way you describe it i know where your coming from. All I can say is stick it out things will get better! Trust me you dont want to lose ten dollars on the hour! Been there done that.Just stick with it youll pull through,They say at the end of the rainy day theres a bright day!