Should the Postal Service be sold to save it?

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    Should the Postal Service be sold to save it? - Washington Post

    The U.S. Postal Service, which has been losing customers for almost a decade, is still struggling to right itself.

    Everyone understands its basic problem. The electronic age has pushed first-class mail into an unstoppable decline. To stay afloat, the post office needs to get its costs under control, by closing post offices, eliminating Saturday delivery, downsizing its workforce. To boost revenue, it could offer banking services and sell lots of stuff besides stamps.

    But with three Congresses in a row failing to pass legislation to help stabilize its finances, some lawmakers and policy experts have reached the consensus that it’s time for the government to sell the post office.
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    They could always sell it to Trump. He can make anything better!
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    Do you really think that Fedex or UPS is going to haul your first class letter from Boise to Boston for 49 cents? Put a 6 and a decimal point in front of that 49 and they might think about it