Shouldn't the union be stepping in?

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    We all complain about people going home without pay but no one talks about the real issue. The exhausting work hours. Its the big pink elephant in the room that so one seem to address. I am a casual and there are days i wish i was sent home. Somedays i am so banged up i could careless about the pay. I could only imagine how a vet might feel on certain days. Does the union do/try anything to help address this?

    Also per the contract (which i am not up the par since i am new); are they allowed to force drivers to work OT? and if yes, how much OT per day/week are they allowed to force?

    I know i am the "new kid on the block" but i am just trying to really understand the entire system.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The contract does have language concerning excessive overtime, the ability to opt in or opt out and the penalty for excessive overtime; however, it seems that the company simply considers the penalty pay to be part of the cost of doing business.

    As a casual your rights are limited.

    I guess I am lucky in that this is not an issue for me or for most of the drivers in my center.
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    In my center, the only drivers that it is an issue for, are the ones that do not file grievances. It amazes me the drivers that complain, do not file a grievance, but then complain some more about drivers that are consistently under 9.5 (I was one of those drivers.)

    Some centers, grieving only results in more money to the drivers, but if you do not file, you won't get it.

    It is really simple.
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    Here, sometimes (not always, but often) the stewards stonewall people from grieving. They will be and are! the first to violate the contract, too. They're much more involved with management than the hourlies. It's a shameful power game.
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    Sleeve, What you call stonewalling could be giving proper advice. One of the most difficult things most stewards/officers/agents get to do is tell people they have no grievance. Many members seem to interpret language differently. Stewards should be "involved" with management more than other hourlies as it is part of their job to deal with management. If a grievance is legit your union MUST proceed.
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    In most centers the allowances are rigged so bad that very few routes even plan a 8.5 day...even though it seems the drivers are out over 9.5 anyway. Then someone gieves the hours and your being ridden with for the next two them if you aren't scratching you aint shi$$. That's how UPS is growing the company now,come up with some lurked piece of technology and cut cars....change the allowance because of technology and add 39 stops and do it as fast or faster than before.let's not go out and grow the company the old fashion way.I'm all for technology but gimicks that save very little just to be able to justify allowance change is covering up the real issues.
  7. I agree the Union needs to step in, I have been doing 150-185 all year now we are in peek and I am exhausted, (good) in fact there is way to much in house, I had to take a va pkg to the cust. and have him open it to verify the count becuase the pkg was torn at the corner. I will not do that again, thats not my job and the way things are that is a set up waiting to happen.:angry:
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    I have asked our union rep, he said we can
    not tell you what to do, but think about this
    by you going home our pension gets weak.
    It's not being funded properly I think every
    hour worked is $9. do the math, we are our
    own worse enemy.
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    I thought you were the Union?
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    There is excessive overtime language in the contract, however during the months of november and December that language is useless. I believe one of the most important things we need to get changed in the next contract is the language allowing 9.5 grievances to not be filed during the "peak" seasons of November and December, as welll as the language that allows helpers to be used starting November 1st.

    By the way, your Union is only as strong as it's membership. If you think the company does not recognize a strong local or a weak local based on participation of the members your are wrong. They see how active the membership is and they take advantage of the ones that have no unity or strength in numbers. If you really want to do something, get involved with your local. Go to the monthly meetings, learn the contract. Talk to your Stewards and Bussiness Agents to see what you can do to get involved!!
  11. 705red

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    The Union negotiated you language for YOU to use to help eliminate excessive OT. The only onther thing the Union can do would be to pass out pills that would allow some of you to grow a set and stand up for yourselves!
  12. Really WOW, I am the first one to file i get tired of the abuse, I file and nothing happens, my filing is only as good as my Union. So before you ASSUME you should ask.
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    If you read my other thread "why are drivers such sheep" I am sure you get the picture that the men at my center aren't doing their part. They all just tuck their tails between their legs and drive themselves into the ground. It makes me so mad sometimes but again i am the new guy and im not about to start causing waves. I have to wait until i am in in the union for that ! :happy-very:
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    Any waves that you hope to someday make would be akin to a pebble thrown in to an ocean.
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    Sounded like it needed that....
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    With my current staff you are 100% correct.
  17. 705red

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    If you file and nothing happens then go to the labor board! File charges against your local and UPS for violating the contract language. If your truly filing and nothing happens then dont stop there. Maybe next time you type something you can put all relevant information in to your text, when you only give bits and pieces of a subject there is nothing else to do but assume the rest!
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    I make a lot of waves, actually whitecaps. Rollers. Swells. Ship waves.
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    You sure do talk a big game!
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    I am not all talk, unlike some here.