"shove that ****ing package up your ***, ******"

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  1. TearsInRain

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    ever deal with some customers you just can't get a handle on?

    talked with a guy last night whose package was missing, ETT showed it as driver released to the door, but the guy says he left his place shortly after that time and it wasn't there.
    i tried to explain to him that he needed to call his shipper and have a tracer placed on it so an investigation could begin, but he kept yelling to have me call the driver.
    i tried to explain that would be fruitless since, if he did mis-deliver it, he would not say so because to his knowledge he did deliver it to the right address.
    well, being able to explain that was the most i got into the conversation as he was ranting pretty much the whole time and accusing me of accusing him of stealing the package

    finally, to top it off, he told me to stick the package in an irregular location, while using a racial slur, to which i ended the call

    later that night we also had a driver come in and tell us he was being accused of "breaking and entering" for putting a package inside a storm door :knockedout:
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    Don't take it personally people are just people some good some crazy and some nice. It's just a job
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    Ppl r pigs. Sorry to all the cute little piggies for the insult.
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    Again, I say:

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    I had a customer with a circular driveway who kept insisting that he wanted me to enter from a direction with a blind corner on it. Problem was, he would always leave a vehicle parked in the blind spot and since the driveway was gravel and on the side of a hill, I was unable to back out if his vehicle was there. I got trapped there once when the guy was away running errands in a different vehicle, his wife had to call him to come move it and I was stuck there for about 35 minutes. So at that point, I told him that I would no longer be able to enter from that side and if he wanted his deliveries that I would be entering from the other side so that I could safely turn around.

    It was the closest I have ever come to getting in a fight since I was a 4th grader. The guy got right up in my face and was screaming obscenities at me. He called me a dumbsh&t and a lazy ass, as well as making inaccurate comments about my sexual orientation and implying that I had once copulated with my mother. This guy was seriously disturbed.

    I came that close to caving his face in. But instead of doing something that would have put him in the hospital and me in jail/unemployment line....I shut my mouth, got in the truck and drove away. I went about 1/4 mile up the road and had to pull over because I was shaking and amped out on adrenaline to the point where I really couldnt safely drive. I called my center manager on my cellphone and very politely and professionally explained the situation and informed him that under no circumstances would I ever set foot on that customers property again. He backed me up on it, and 4 years later there is still a CPAD note in the DIAD instructing whoever has that stop to put all packages in Will Call.

    Some people are just poopyheads, and when dealing with them you have to find the strength to be the bigger man and walk away.
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    When I was a clerk at the Customer Counter we got our daily share of poopyheads coming in to pick up will calls that weren't pulled from the trucks or never called in.
    That was a miserable job, got yelled at, accused of things that I can't post here, insulted, and all kinds of good stuff. The best parts were when they never called in to have the pkg put on will call...oh joy! Next!
    Some folks are so full of themselves they can't see what fools they are to other people.
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    That very last sentence is what TOS says about all right wingers.
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    When I get yelled at, it just reminds me how much happier I am than that poor bastard, life is too short smile and go on, but if you've done nothing wrong drop your sup's #, let him listen for a while, that makes me smile also
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    I always remember a quote I recently saw, Im sure its not new
    "Lord please keep your arm around my shoulder, and your hand over my mouth"

    Been using it alot lately.
    No good can come of fighting with an idiot.
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    This is exactly what I am talking about. This has absolutely nothing to do with this thread but you felt that, since you have to have a post in every single thread on Brown Cafe, that you would post it here.

    When I first started on my current area I had a COD for a service station. After I gave the shipper name and COD amount the consignee said that he needed to open it to make sure it was what he had ordered. When I tried to tell him we aren't allowed to do that he told me that the previous driver let him do it all the time. I repeated that we are unable to do that and he proceeded to call me an *******. I then told him that he could pick this package and any future deliveries up at the center.
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    Are you sure you wanna go there???
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    Do you?
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    I sense a Pot, Kettle, Black thing going on.
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    I had the same thing last week, said the package was not there,
    her son took the package inside the garage and forgot to tell his mother.
    The words she used were really bad, but what are you going to do, it's part of our job.
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    Don't make me set my shirt on fire and smoke yall off one another.
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    Please do thread killer.
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    Just sayin.....
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    1.79 for Tooner
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    So, THERE! Geez!