Shutdown on biggest day in Denver?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wakyzachyUPS, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. wakyzachyUPS

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    Because of the BIG snowstorm in Denver does anyone know if UPS is still up and running even thow the government said no one should be on the streets?
  2. EAM_Master

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    That's never stopped UPS before.
  3. aspenleaf

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    I called my sup and told him my car will not make it to work. One of the gals I work with is going to pick me up but I told him if they close I-70 (right now I-25 and most of the highways are closed) we won't be in and he said that there were always the "backroads" to get around any CDOT road closures. I personally hope all my drivers and all the drivers in Denver made it back safe or will if they are still out there. Where I am there is 2 feet of snow and the snow is still coming down very fast.

    Oh and we have the National Guard helping the folks that are stuck on the roads. . .what a crappy time for this storm to hit!

    Happy Holidays!
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  4. aspenleaf

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    There will be no preload tomorrow. The Drivers were called back in around noon today. This weekend will be fun. . .but everyone is safe at home (at least that is what I heard from my supervisor who said he was just joking about the backroads. . .)

  5. trickpony1

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    Whatever happened to "....damn the torpedoes! we have to get those packages delivered"?
  6. aspenleaf

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    Times are changing and I think the National Guard and the state of emergency may have helped. Oh and I didn't see my Postal Lady today so they must have closed early also! This is a bad blizzard so I am glad the drivers were called in. We will have a huge mess (since the trucks came back packed) for the rest of the days before Christmas.
  7. brown67

    brown67 Active Member says operations are suspended for tomorrow 12/21. Looks like we will be working Saturday and maybe Sunday.:ohmy: Waste of time today. I was getting stuck at every stop. Drifts knee high at 10:30 this morning. At least I have 30 fewer stops for Friday.:lol: Good luck.
  8. InTheRed

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    wow that's bad news for you guys. looks like it'll be a 12 hour day for most of your operation out there. i can't imagine what it was like for worldport 2 years ago on peak air day when you have to guess 5 million packages got grounded for 12 hours. i hope i don't have to deal with any of that freak snowstorm stuff while I'm out on the road during peak.
  9. aspenleaf

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    My drivers thought it was waste of time to even leave today. We heard the list of places closed today and they know most bus stops would be closed. So were you called in early today also? I had heard that my center called in the drivers around noon.
  10. aspenleaf

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    :lol: That is awesome!
  11. 25yrvet

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    We got the news this afternoon to be in before sundown. No work Thursday!! We will be working Sat & possibly Sunday.
  12. speeddemon

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    I will not be working Sunday. Thats church day you know.
  13. SmithBarney

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    But saturday is the sabboth.. you do practice two religons right?
  14. RockyRogue

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    Indeed...Commerce City Hub-based drivers were texted at 12:30 and told to be HOME (back in the Building) by 2:00. No preload tomorrow??? Blast!!!!! The package car I was on had OVER 200 packages and more than 150 stops left, I think. My driver was less than pleased with being out in general and not exactly hopping for joy at the recall order. He just kept saying, "This is good and bad." But...UPS is better than a restaurant I work in. They tried to stay open but threw in the towel around 4. And Aspen, according to the Weather Channel, I-25 is CLOSED from the Wyoming line to the New Mexico line. I-70 is closed for quite a ways east and west but I forget what it is. This is NOT gonna be a good weekend!!!!!!!:mad:
  15. speeddemon

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    Not in my world, and thats all that matters. And I don't "practice" any religion. Your too ignorant, don't even try that road.
  16. aspenleaf

    aspenleaf New Member | News | Updated snow totals

    Tonight should be fun! There is no way out of my "hood" we have 3 or 4 feet of snow on the roads. I know about I-25 but I-70 was still open in my area but yes closed out east and the mtns.
  17. axisbold

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    The blizzard made my night hell. When i came in, i asked both my PT, and my full-time sup how they were planning to get this stuff to denver, and both said that it didnt matter to us. I scan/load denver on a 2 day belt in SoCal. We were insanely heavy to begin with, and after an hour we blew out of the trailer,and they began to set up containers like always. About five minutes later the word came down: "no air cans to denver." So the "plan" was to have the pickoff just allow all the colorado to go to the end of the belt(where there were already two loads going) And load into another trailer, thus there were three loads all slamming to one place, and of course everything got but ugly. At about this time, the FT-sup and the pt-sup decided to spend 20 minutes arguing with eachother about how they should be spoken to when things get heavy. Anyway in the end we had to throw everything onto carts, sort it out, tthrow the colorado into cans, then i ended up having to finish scanning the colorado into a trailer outside. Not on a belt outside, but literally from air cans directly into a trailer in the middle of the parking lot. I am finally starting to get the feeling back in my fingers. I know its not a blizzard, but Socal is experiencing record lows, in the low 30s. Ahh... Gotta love peak.
  18. sendagain

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    A few feet of snow and you guys all want the day off. Don't you know this makes your residential deliveries a breeze? I worked LA during the Rodney King riots and through the earthquake of 94 that knocked down the freeway overpasses between our hub and our routes. Get out there and make it happen.
  19. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    Send, ever been to Denver????? Much less to a city that GETS snow??? This snow has SHUTDOWN the City of Denver. Mass transit is barely running (only light-rail is in service), interstates WITHIN Denver (I-25, I-70, etc) are restricted to vehicles with chains and outside Denver they are CLOSED. I-76 is CLOSED to the Nebraska Line. I say good work on getting your volume out during those incidents but THIS my friend, is a very different situation. Ice and snow are very different from a riot or an earthquake. Slipping and sliding all over the place. My driver almost hit a stop sign trying to come to a stop at a CURB Wednesday around NOON. UPS did the ABSOLUTE right thing in shutting down the Denver operation. Other companies weren't as lucky. My other employer (an anonymous) Denver restaurant closed at 2. Grocers were closed or thinking about it by 8 last nite. Trust me, this city knows when its time to call it a game.
  20. sendagain

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    I can just see the tears streaming down little junior's face cause his sled didn't make it because of a snow storm: all that snow and no sled. You wouldn't catch me ruining it for some little fella who just wanted to have a good Christmas this year. I'd be over getting flame throwers from the National Guard to get up to those front doors. :<)