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    Stock price today is at 59.47 which is down from the closing price of 71.02 on may 30th (just 30 days ago). Any bets the dividend gets cut soon?

    Any management people out there care to comment on how much money you have lost in the last 30 days? Are you blaming yourself or your employees?

    Any comments on how the company is going to come back from this decline?

    Will the upper echelon of management continue to ignore their employees and just keep cutting costs and routes which further increases the divide between management and employees?

    I know I'm just an unregistered "troll" so you don't have to answer but, I put it out here as food for thought anyways.
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    You are a troll and I honestly don't think this deserves a reply, but I'm giving one anyway.

    During that same time FedEx stock closed at 91.47 on May 30th and at 74.97 on July 3rd. That's an 18% drop compared to the 16.2% drop of UPS Stock. During that same time frame, competitor DHL closed 34% of it's locations and turned over last mile deliveries to the USPS.

    So why aren't you asking the same of UPS's competitors who are facing lawsuits in both Federal and State courts for Tax Evasion, who are facing lawsuits from unions and will face scrutiny from the NLRB?

    As for a "Management/Employee divide", any UPS employee here who asks their counterparts who work for FedEx, USPS, or DHL, will find out that they are much better off than employees of any of these companies.

    This divide is created more by people such as yourself speaking of it than people within the company. If people believe there is a divide there, it will be there.

    Overall, the economy is slowing down, people are no longer shipping overnight, they are shipping much more ground. This is no secret. This is not grounds to be blaming employees.

    The recent public release regarding the earnings emphasized that while the more profitable air volume is down, overall volume is up.

    This volume will return and when it does UPS will be in a greater position to come out on top.

    UPS has been around over 100 years and went through the Great Depression, it will make it through this great recession.
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    Time to buy. Stocks are very cheap.
    Over the long haul, there is money to be made.
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    :::quoted post has been deleted:::

    Moderators allow this guy to post whatever he wants about me! They take my replies down even when they break no rules, WHY?!!! I had an innocent reply to this post but it dissappeared. I was called stupid and something about homophobe and a few other names on another thread, those posts stayed up. Kinda thing that makes you go, HMMMM........
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    Yes, it should make you think.
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    makes me think you aren't much of an even handed moderator, your personal feelings for me shouldn't affect how you do your job, now should it?
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    Funny, in that P/T supervisor working thread, I was discussing this related to UPS and favortism. Supervisors let their personal feelings affect how they manage people, and apparently that is encouraged at UPS. So in effect, applying this to a UPS related forum, a moderators job is to use their best personal judgement, feelings not aside, as to what and whom should be moderated.
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    I think scab is a better term then troll.
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    It might be a better term but the shoe does not fit.
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    I have no personal feelings for you.
    I post as a poster, not as a moderator.
    When I moderate, the person being moderated will know it.
    I have been even handed with you by never having moderated any of your posts.
    I have never had to go through the PM banter, as you have with other moderators.
    I have had to endure your spamming of the moderators forum on how you are being picked on.
    About 18 complaints since 6/26/08.
    My job is being a UPS driver, I volunteer my time trying to keep BC a cool/ informative site.
    I may not be the best choice as a moderator, but I feel like I have treated you with kid gloves.
    Whine all you wish about how you are being offended and picked on.
    The other members of BC will have to make up their own minds.
    Back to topic, buy stock through the employee discount plan soon.
    Best bet to make money on UPS stock over the long haul since the IPO.
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    What does this have to do with this thread?
    Back on topic please
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    We (hourly folk) can purchase stock via payroll deductions. Then, once a month, the accumulated dough is used to purchase shares at a discount. In order to realize a return on the discount, you have to hold the shares for 2 years (I think, it might be 5).

    To me, the UPS stock purchase is the equivalent to a 401k match. In my example, UPS stock is about 10% of my total weekly savings plan. Another chunk goes into the Teamster 401k and another chunk goes into a Roth that I started with rollovers from past employers. My 'plan' works for me, if there is a Teamsters pension when I retire, bonus. If not, my :censored2: is covered.

    Most financial folk will tell you to never put all your savings into the company that you work for.

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    scab = management's saviour.
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    Ok I see. I got a letter about the stock purchase a while ago, but it was very unclear about which plan I was eligible for. When I tried to access the site, the pin they assigned me did not work. I just said forget
    Sounds like a good deal. I might just revisit that. Thanks for the info.

    Also, if I may ask, would I get information about the Teamsters Pension from my steward? That is another thing I've heard bits and pieces about but have no clue...
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    I thought that the union mailed all the 401k and insurance stuff after I became an eligible employee. I filled out the forms and set everything up, including which funds and what percentage. I have since tried to change things online, but it's been a no go. is also little help, as you can only manage 1 payroll deduction. I think I have 6.

    I have also tried to do a DRIP, but that online set up sucks too. So, I still get dividend checks.

    I finally gave up on the online management and do it all the old-fashioned way.

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    Ahhh ok. Hey thanks for the help!
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    I am an old fossil from last mid century.
    I have had no problem managing my online 401k account.The same goes for my Mellon discount UPS stock account. has nothing to do with the accounts, except providing a link to them.
  20. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Correct me if I'm wrong - but I believe you get a little card in the mail with a password when you become eligible?

    I set up the 401k immediately, which you can do. Tried to set up the ESOP, but you need 6 months time & password before allowed access.

    Regarding, I have found it, uh, less than helpful,