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    I don't see any threads on here regarding the changes in pay for single vacation days, yes I am very aware that "the new contract" is not in effect. Here locally (midwi local 344) there was a memo posted on the union board regarding how SVD's would be picked since the NEW YET TO BE RATIFIED contract changes the SVD option FROM being able to break up YOUR OPTION WEEK into individual days and paid @ 10hrs...TO being able to break up TWO weeks of REGULAR vacation, paid @ 9hrs....the memo basically said if you CHOOSE to break up two weeks you could take the first five "whenever" but the next 5 can't be taken till the contract is FINALLY RATIFIED, if not ratified they would be paid out in NOV. or end of the yr. I CHOSE to break up one week as I have since it's been offered, a few weeks ago I had to call in sick, which also means they burn a SVD, as i expected it was paid out @ 9hrs, instead of 10hrs. Since my understanding from both the company and the union, was the "old" contract remained in effect until the new one IS RATIFIED pretty simple or so i thought, I asked several steward's and got mixed messages from all of them. To me its simple, cut and dried, things remain the SAME. I notified my sup. and gave them a copy of my check. they replied with a written inquiry to payroll, which stated "employee believes he should be paid for 10 hrs instead of 9hr," the reply stated that vacation days are paid @ 9 hrs, no mention of the contract. that was it.......I filed a grievance, I also made copies of the contract extension memo from upser' extending the current agreement, and the article of the contract stating SVD's are paid out @10 hrs. and gave them to the steward. The following day my ctr. mgr, got in my face and wanted to "discuss" the issue, I deferred any conversation as him and i only exchange pleasantries anyway. I told him I had nothing else to say because my entire contention of the discrepancy was backed up with documentation, and he could respond to what I submitted or talk with the steward or supervisor, but that I said all i had to say.....he was not happy and even said "I'm not trying get :censored2:ty with you"..................anyone else having issues????????
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    Why would anyone give up an hours pay?
  3. That sounds like a violation of article 37 and 21 as well. After the grievance is filed he should not be talking to you about the grievance and intimidating and harassing you.
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    It's not a violation of either Art. The first step in the grievance procedure is to meet and discuss the issue. In most discussions, words are necessary to convey thoughts.
    The single day issue has been agreed to by the Central Region. The OP will not lose any money as the option week will be paid at 50 hours.
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    Having same issue in this area, SVD are paid at 9hr using new contract rules. We were notified of this on our vacation pick sheet we turn in each year. As far as I'm concerned SVD days aren't worth it, too many ways for the company to keep you from using them. For years we've been understaffed and denied them, mainly because the SVD pay rate is so low nobody wants the job. The only reason it's been taken has been that it prequalifies you to drive FT, had someone work SVD last summer win a FT bid in the fall and immediately get FT seniority. This put him ahead of the 5 others who had to gain seniority and this will help him in countless ways in the future.
  6. He said the Center manager got in his face. I would take that is harassment. In my local after the grievance has been turned in it is now the property of the local union is not to be discussed anymore with the member that discussion took place in the office when it was filed and when his check was short.
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    Local 344 is in the Central Region, with their own Rider with slightly changed grievance procedure language.
    "An aggrieved employee will reduce his/her complaint to writing and with the steward, present said grievance to the Business Manager or Supervisor. Within two working days, they will meet to discuss the grievance."
    The OP has a subjective view of the center manager's behavior. If indeed it was "in his face" he should file an Art 37, but then he'll have to meet and discuss that issue.
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    I'm having issues with your wall of text burning my corneas.....
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    The new contract is in effect essentially. Deal with it and life will be easier.

    What ever week you chose as your option week will be paid at 50 hours. You're not losing any pay over this.
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    We were able to select two weeks to split up it we wanted.
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    I am a 22.3 pre-load / feeder wash......8 -N- OT
    I agree, meeting and discussing means a private discussion with involved parties, in a closed door meeting, not asking me while were doing air......i know i was not specific, and "in my face", means he called me over to talk to him, he was polite enough, but reaked of coffee and cigs..........
    where is that??? have grievances been filed??? ETC.....????? can't imagine WTF this is sooooooo effin difficult, i only want to watch them squirm as they try to explain how's this is valid, could care less abt. an hrs. wages..............

    which is why YOUR a slave, and the people hired today have worse benefits, and a starting wage that has been raised less than $2 in the 21 yrs i have been there, yet the companies profits soar........... great plan
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    So you admit you're just being a monster P.I.T.A.

    The company agreed to let you use a second week as SDV. They didn't have to. The company and the union TOGETHER have agreed to implement parts of the contract already.

    No one will squirm + you won't be paid= waste of time
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    if thats the case was it implemented through a secret hand shake in the mens room???? or direct me to a link stating that is the case...its that simple...why have a contract if its neither abided by, or enforced????
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    For all intents and purposes the only parts of the new contract not in effect are the financials and healthcare.
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    I agree. It was stated at a union meeting by our BA. Not much anyone can do when your BA says yes we agreed to give them some things but they agreed to give us some things also.
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    I'm not saying it's right but this is what's happened. Teamsterdan doesn't seem to understand how this could be possible.

    Short of trying to take down our leaders Hoffa and hall not much can be done.
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    In practical terms, the only way to enact the second week of single day vacations for 2014, was to agree to allow the practice before total ratification. This is a benefit that UPS agreed to allow. Where's the ghosts? The single day issue is not holding up the agreement.
    You need to find a real issue to get worked up over. You have a contract that is being abided by and enforced.
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    funny how not one union steward was aware of this information.....

    lets see the local makes some backdoor side deal with the company, does not inform it's stewards, and puts out no message to its affected membership..........if their so proud of their negotiating skillz why not, put that statement on the union board as well?????
    i think this article prevents changes of that nature from taking place anyway................

    Section 2. Riders

    Present Supplements, Riders and Addenda shall remain in effect. Any new Supplement, Rider or Addendum, or changes to Supplements, Riders or Addenda or in the contract affiliation of any Local Union covered by this Agreement must be submitted to the Joint National Negotiating Committee for review and approval. Failure to be approved by the Committee shall render said Supplement, Rider or Addendum null and void.
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    I'm not disagreeing with you. Simply saying unless you're ready to fight and take down all the union higher ups. It's a waste of time and rescources.
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    yeh nor did you stand up for, inform, or try to prevent them from implementing what you know is BS....., way to hep your union brothers....