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    I am an alo coverage feeder driver with 7 years. I can't believe I'm not working mid July with max vacations in effect. I heard about this site recently and decided to join. My manager starves lower seniority drivers. I have only made $16K so far this year and half of it was made by bumping PTers in the Hub. Bid jobs are being cut, drivers aren't retireing, and I don't see it getting better anytime soon. I have thought about moving to package cars, but i would be on- call there also. I have talked to Mgt. about moving to another state where UPS is hiring off the street but I would lose seniority and have to go through progression again. No thanks. I wish I could dove-tail in. I'm frustrated and feel stuck. Sorry to whine. Any thoughts?
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    Are they using any summer temps in your building?
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    They haven't hired seasonal drivers in 3 years. Not even for peak.
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    Sorry to hear about your problems but package might get you more hours. FT guys here let cover drivers run their routes as much as possiable. Management likes it as they get a runner gunner they can boss around at half the pay. Some of the FT routes have hand grenade keys, they could toss them into a circle of casual drivers and they'd scatter like roaches.
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    Can't you bump into the building????
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    You could ask to be laid off so you can collect or demand to work. If you contract allows you to bump then bump a package car driver that has lower seniority then you.

    You need to read you contract and see what it allows you to do. I would also call your BA and let them know what is going on.....
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    I wish I was sitting at home today.
  8. Don you have seniority?