Sizing pictures to post on BC


I`m fairly illiterate as well but unless you have a program to do it,this is the easiest way.The most probable reason that a file is too big is usually because its a BMP file.They take lots of space and its easy to reduce thier size by changing the file type....
open the windows paint program-all programs,accessories,paint...
at the top left click on file,open...
now type the name of the photo file you want to post,
or browse for it on your computer.
change the name of it slightly
save as file type JPEG...
click save.
Another thing I love is a free service called photobucket.
Join and it lets you save up to 1000 photos there.

I hope this helps

Harry Manback

Robot Extraordinaire
You can also download microsoft powertoys image resizer. It's free and easy to use, just right click, scroll down and click resize image, and choose the size you want. You can also click the advanced tab and customize the size you want. You find it at here...

You can also, like DS said, use a file hosting site like imageshack or photobucket to resize your images. Hope that helps!