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    I probably should put on a flame suit but for the last 18 of my 20 years at UPS I have skipped lunch to get home at a decent time. We have a special needs child well hardly a child now is 18 that requires my assistance. I have complained for years that is not right that I have been told I will not be disiplined for skipping my lunch but they go ahead and take the hour from me anyways. It was not that bad years ago when you could make bonus on a route but now it makes me angry that I am out there working for free an hour a day. I never put my lunch in the board since that would be considered falseifying records but why are they allowed to change it.
    The last straw has been when they underdispatch me and then give me a paid actual and take my hour lunch to boot.
    Do other centers take your lunch even if you work through it.
  2. over9five

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    Why wouldn't they? It's contractual, AND it's what the boss wants you to do. No offense, you certainly have an excellent reason to work that hour for free. I think it's something that aint gonna get changed.
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    Here the hour gets ripped off from us also. I feel for you having to donate your hour to get to the more important things.

    I hear it depends upon the district/region.
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    Its the same in the Southern Region, one hour taken out if you take it or not. What would be right, and should be in the National Master Contract, is the guarantee of up to sixty minutes. That way, if you took only thirty minutes, you would be paid the other half hour. If you wanted to get off a hour early, skip your whole lunch.:thumbup1:
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    They CANNOT change your time in the diad. If you put a code 5 in the board, then thats it. We had a sup get fired for doing just that. I skip my lunch when I need to.
  6. Upslady20

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    Don't you have to have permission to use a code 5? Not that it would matter in my building they will take lunch out even with the code 5.
  7. over9five

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    Speed, you're lucky the center team allows you to do that.

    I agree that they can't change your time in the board, but they damn well can TELL you not to change to code 5. And then warn you, and then fire you for not working as directed.

    There are no code 5s here. (Unless of course it benefits UPS).
  8. I was code 5 until I was above the bottom 10% of drivers
    now a code 6

    Now if you can finish in 8hrs, by skipping your lunch
    they can't take lunch from you, cause you are gaurenteed 8.

    And the change isn't made in-house, payroll does the changes.
  9. IBWay2Kool

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    At our location if you make 9.5 without a lunch they will not take it out.
  10. Brown Assassin

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    Not sure if the same applies to the drivers, but when I worked in the office as an hourly, we HAD to put a lunch down on our card. They said it was required by law. I never checked the NYS employment website to verify that, but nontheless, was told the same.

    So if it is law, they should inform you of that. They CANNOT change your timecard or code to show a lunch without telling you, especially if you worked and did not take a lunch.

    Since you guys are union, I would bring that up with one of your reps......especially since you are now owed money.

    Good luck!:thumbup1:
  11. over9five

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    You're not owed money if you skip lunch. Contractually, you have to take a lunch.
  12. Brown Assassin

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    Shouldn't the employee be informed prior to managment adjusting his/her time and not paying them for time worked?
  13. Braveheart

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    Skipping lunch costs you about $40 a day so maybe you can hire somebody at $20 an hour to help out and you take lunch and still put money in your pocket. It is $10,400 per year you give away and they get artificially inflated numbers like stops per hour.
  14. over9five

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    "Shouldn't the employee be informed prior to managment adjusting his/her time and not paying them for time worked?"

    Definately. And then they should give him a warning letter for breaking the contract.
  15. Braveheart

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    The contract does state that they can discipline you for not taking lunch. The times when they ask you to take a pay actual are the days you file a grievance when they deduct lunch and you did not take it. Always get a witness to conversations where they say pay actual or no I won't take out a lunch.
  16. Brown Assassin

    Brown Assassin Underpaid for too long

    Witness, emails, tape recorder......the sups and managers forget easily.:wink:
  17. Braveheart

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    This driver has a valid reason for skipping lunch. Skipping lunch once in a while as one thing but everyday you just hurt yourself and everybody around you. Everybody who does the route when your out will be harassed for being a slacker since they don't skip lunch. You have 8 guys skip lunch per day and you just cost somebody a full time job. They will expect you to run those numbers your whole career and good luck with that and not wearing out or getting injured. The days you ask for an 8 hour day you will get 9.
  18. Braveheart

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    Are you really an ex ups manager and if you are, thanks for the honesty?.!?
  19. Braveheart

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    We can't get new full time jobs if people are skipping lunch. 8 drivers who skip lunch costs somebody a full time job with benefits for their family.
  20. Brown Assassin

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    Not a manager, a sup. I left because I'd probably have to wait 15 yrs before i got promoted manager. It took 5 to get to be a Sup and I had my degree from the time I set foot within UPS. I got screwed over more than once on promotions.......but that is a different story and off topic for this thread.