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    I have worked in two types of centers one was a small center with about 14 RTE's & the other is a full scale hub with 100's of RTE's with overhead conveyors & a feeder operation next to it. The smaller Ctr had a 9:00 a.m start time & the large Ctr has a 8:30 a.m start time. In my opinion i thought the smaller ctr was much easier to be a driver at all the bid drivers had much more consistent dispatches on avg. 9 -10 hour days with much less debacles with having to meet other drivers for help etc, etc. The relations with the Mgr. / Drivers, had a respectful personal touch of family & caring. This large hub i'm at has zero sense of camaraderie among the drivers & mgmt. / supes. Almost as if these two sides have a deep passionate hate for each other. The dispatches are much heavier in general 11-12 hour days & if your not on the 9/5 list U will max your 60 hours every week during normal times of the year. It's not uncommon to see 20 year drivers having 12 hour days for at least 2 days a week & then the 9/5 files flood in. The thing that puzzles me is were all associated with the union & we all make around the same pay after progression, So why is their such a double standard with small Ctr Vs large ? I suspect it's $$$$ is the motive. Thanks !
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    Why are you so freaking bold?
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    You still understood what he wrote.
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    You are just comparing the 2 locations that you have worked. I'm in a small center and there is very very little trust towards mgmt due to the fact that our center manager is constantly pulling some under the table junk. Hiding LIBS , covering up missed pkgs, and as far as dispatch goes, we get hammered. Not every center is the same. IMO it depends a lot on the district mgr. Ours is a turd.
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    Is money the motive or rules of engagement?

    Bigger hubs have a lot of really important "suits and ties" walking around causing trouble and making a name for themselves.

    Smaller hubs have management that sometimes are never seen and couldn't care less if they are.

    See the difference?
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    I worked in three different building two that run around 25 or less routes a day and another building that has is made up of 2 center that each run about 50-60 routes a day. I prefer the larger center as the micro management is less than in a smaller center.

    The stupidity is the same no matter what size center your in as it comes from higher up and trickles down...
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    At what point does a hub become a "big" hub compared to a small hub. I know it is by volume but how much volume. I work in a small hub with 40k to 60k+ per most sorts depending on the time of year. Peak we will crack 100k per sort max. None of our management people are ever going to advance beyond where they are now and most just hope to keep their job until they can retire. Just wondering what you consider is a large hub.
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    I would prefer the smaller center because you'd never be blind. You would know every route. At our ctr there's about 65+ routes.
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    Smaller centers usually have lesser plan days, because the air has to be in earlier.
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    I was never in a BIG center in 30 years. Ours was small---approx. 20-25 drivers.
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    People laugh at me and accuse me of being the BOG number 2, but small is nice. We're big enough to wear it's tough to micromanage, but small enough to where everybody knows each other. It's great. The whole building has been invited to driver weddings and other events in everybody's lives.

    It amazes me coming on here and seeing so much hate. Do we have issues? Absolutely, it's far from heaven. But most issues are fixed with a discussion.
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    I have worked 3 bldgs...two small, one hub. Hub is definitely a different animal altogether.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I worked at your hub when I started. I'll take the small center where I'm at now.
    Guard shack? Metal detectors? Remote parking? What's that? :-)
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    Im in a smaller hub of 2 centers with 60 to 70 rts each center and we joke how we work for different companies within the same building. It all depends on your ctr mgr.
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    That's not why they laugh at you.
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    The OP uses this on his uniform:
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    That's never a factor here. They will send a shuttle out to get our nda so it makes pull time.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our rural drivers who are running late will set up meet points or drop points to make sure their pickups get back to the building on time.
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    I'm in a small center, folks trust no one, it's a dog eat dog world.